1. Mordecai

    Analysis Ranking the clubs by current National Draft Points

    Some interesting results:
  2. Hate

    Random Real World Comparison Data

    Hi All, I did not want to clog the main board up with this as I am a firm believer that real-world (and I don't have the energy for some good production) does not really have much of a place in the league, but I was just too fascinated that even I wanted to share some of this stuff. My goal is...
  3. Honesty Seeker

    Pre-Season Time Trial Stats etc

    Reading about 193cm Jok winning the Saints time-trial but as usual his time wasn't posted. Why? There never is for any club in any year!! WTF!! How can that be so damned confidential. It's not as if it's going to change the result of any game at any time! Doesn't anyone else want to know just...
  4. DohjDuckDipDive

    After Round 8: How Do The Top 9 Teams Stack Up?

    Well, isn't this Some Season we're seeing. If you haven't looked at the ladder since the dust settled today, let me summarise it for you: it starts with 3 teams on 24 points and continues with 6 more on 20 points. It's not until 10th and 11th that you get two wins behind top spot on 16 points...