1. jmac91

    Should the AFL get rid of VFL Premierships and only count AFL?

    In Advance, If this thread is in the wrong place, move it. Now, with the recent talks of the AFL possibly counting VFA premierships as AFL Premierships, I would like to bring forward the reverse. There has been 37 years since the first full time Interstate club (South Melbourne to Sydney), 29...
  2. L

    WCE Memorabilia

    Hey guys I’m just wondering how much these 90s wooden posters all with licensed or approved product stamps on them and possibly once hung in the MCG I’m just wondering what they would be worth not looking at selling quite yet, I’m just wondering if they’re worth anything thanks
  3. TheVineSport

    Podcast with Travis Varcoe

    Check out this in depth conversation with Collingwood footballer Travis Varcoe. The podcast goes into detail about his storey, his battle with racist internet trolls and the passing of his sister Maggie. Trav also talk about his time at Geelong, where he won two premierships as well as at...
  4. P

    Scandal 7 VFL/AFL premiership teams found to have cheated the salary cap
  5. Glenhope

    Years since last premiership

    As at the end of 2016 this is the number of years since each teams last premiership. (#) indicates total # of premierships. * indicates special case for newer teams without a cup yet. 0 - Footscray (2) 1 - Hawthorn (13) 4 - Sydney (5) 5 - Geelong (9) 5 - GWS* (0) 6 - Collingwood (15) 6 - Gold...
  6. Hate

    Media The Chosen Few: Premiership Captains

    Who are the chosen few? The Sweet F.A has crowned 22 champions at the time of writing this article. In 22 seasons, 440 premiership medallions have been awarded to players who have been crowned the winners of the Sweet F.A Grand Final. Each season, two lucky teams of 20 players reach the final...
  7. PerthBoy86

    GWS are going to win the premiership

    I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but after seeing GWS absolutely demolish the Swans - the best team in the comp - I think they are flag favourites, personally. This is just one game, but forget lack of finals experience, they are the real deal, and they seem there to also just have fun, from...

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