1. jmac91

    Should the AFL get rid of VFL Premierships and only count AFL?

    In Advance, If this thread is in the wrong place, move it. Now, with the recent talks of the AFL possibly counting VFA premierships as AFL Premierships, I would like to bring forward the reverse. There has been 37 years since the first full time Interstate club (South Melbourne to Sydney), 29...
  2. jmac91

    Vic Clubs Playing Games at Old Home Grounds

    Now I might be pushing this but, with recent talk of the Bulldog's Expanding The Western Oval and talks of them playing 'heritage' games there. Should Victoria Clubs, and AFL clubs in general, play 'heritage' games at their old Grounds. Yes this might be a bit outrageous but I kind of like the...
  3. The Speaker

    Which domestic team is the greatest?

    Sometimes as I'm sifting through my mind's catalogue of cricket facts, it occurs to me that some domestic cricket teams have an astonishingly good history. Cricket is not an egalitarian sport in a collective sense (though I would argue it is in an individual sense, in that it's open for all...
  4. Kurve

    Current Victoria Police Corruption - Two officers charged assaults & 'excessive use of force'

    Two Victorian police officers accused of using excessive force on a Melbourne man have been charged by the state's anti-corruption watchdog. The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission charged a constable with unlawful assault and assault with a weapon, and a senior constable with...
  5. jmac91

    Portfolio VFL 2019

    VFL 2019 What if the VFL never became the national competition and stayed a state wide competition? What if the Swans and the Lions never Relocated? What if local footy fans came in their thousands every week to support their team? The Year is 2019 and the VFL is the footy competition to be in...
  6. czero

    Vic State of Origin Womans Team Song Best song... ;)
  7. wizardwaffle

    Resource VFA/VFL Jumpers [image heavy thread]

    Here is my collection of all the VFL/A Teams and Jumpers. Firstly here are the teams that have competed in the VFL/A. Those highlighted in gold are those 21 clubs that are currently competing in the Victorian Football League. Here is the Premiers of each years competition. Where two teams are...