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Specific BigFooty.com Rules

Note: During 2013 we'll be modifying the infraction system to work better with the new Xenforo system.

The Twelve Commandments of BigFooty

If you are not sure of a rule, please ask.

These rules are very flexible... in our favour. Don't invent new and interesting ways to get around them. If we think you are messing with the site, its users, their threads or moderators your account will be banned or suspended. If you don't want to follow the rules there are plenty of other sites you can post on. Rules-lawyers get extra infraction points for their efforts.

AFL Board: We like to keep it a bit more straight-laced on the main AFL board so everyone can have a go. Trolling and flame-baiting is treated less kindly by mods on this board.

Bay 13: This board is for general trolling and good-natured banter with other footy supporters. Enjoy yourself but you can still get pulled up if you go over the top.

Liking posts: This is useful for users to rate posts without needing to post "good post" and "LOL" messages. But don't run rampant through opposing club boards liking negative posts, that's just a form of disrespect of the club on their own board and may get you an infraction.

  1. Keep it civil. Remember these are real people you are talking to. Don't bag other people just for the hell of it. Keep your posts respectful of other people. Don't create new sock-puppet user accounts just to back yourself up in an argument or bully other people. Insults like retard, mong and spastic are particularly repugnant to many moderators. Don't bait or provoke negative responses or you may be hit for points as well. Frac: Warning to Mid

    This includes complaining about, ranting over and criticising moderators and their actions. Take it up with the moderator, then with Admins if you have a problem. Contact Admins on this form or via email directly.

  2. Keep it clean. Lots of people, from kids to adults, use this site. Don't post racist, vulgar or adult-oriented material. Don't post gory pictures or graphic pictures of wounds or injuries or violence. We also filter out swear words so don't try to evade the swear filter.
    Unfortunately bikini and lingerie avatars are not allowed: http://bit.ly/Puritanical
    Fracs: Racist: Serious
    Adult/Porn: Instant 30 day ban, or permaban if deemed necessary
    Swear Filter: Minor to Serious depending on how bad you muck up.

  3. Keep it topical. Keep your posts on the topic of the thread. If there is a new subject you want to cover search for a thread in progress on that topic or start a new one. Idle back-and-forth chit chat is best left for chat rooms. Avoid it on this discussion board except for perhaps particular chat threads on boards. Frac: Warning to Mid for repeated disruptive infractions.

  4. Keep it legal. Discussing illegal activities is not what we want this site to be about. No hacks, torrents, file swapping info or material of that nature. Publishing information under injunction or otherwise likely to cause the site legal grief is also frowned upon. Frac: Mid to Serious

  5. Keep it referenced. When posting articles from other sites you must give due recognition to the source including a link if possible. Keep the posting to headline; link; excerpt up to a paragraph; link. Posting of articles without considered comment (ie posting every article from a particular journal) is not permitted. Frac: Warning to Serious

  6. Keep it truthful. You're responsible for material you post. If you value your possessions don't make up rubbish rumours about people.* (Funny rumours are welcome.) AFL players, officials and journos** read BigFooty and aren't shy about threatening legal action against our users. Frac: Mid to Serious

  7. Keep it neat. Don't post a one line reply quoting a long post. It is assumed you are replying to the post immediately above. Address your post to a user name if you need to make it clear who you're responding to, or just quote the first line or two. Frac: Warning to Minor for repeated disruptive infractions.

  8. Leave out the spam. Posting links to sites or contacting people via PM advertising your web site or goods or services is not allowed. Contact us if you want to advertise. If you have an announcement to make let us know and we might include it in our regular e-mail newsletter. We sometimes filter out domain names of sites which spam. Do not evade the filter to post links to those sites. Posting the same thread across multiple boards is counted as spam, even if it is non-commercial. Frac: Serious

  9. Cyberstalking is just weird. BigFooty.com is just a web site. Following people around and posting negative rubbish on every thread they start or every response they post is just weird. Don't do it. See also the 1st BigFooty Commandment. Don't claim some arbitrary minimum number of posts is "stalking". If we think you're hassling someone excessively your account will be suspended or banned. Similarly, playing internet detective and posting a user's personal details without their permission is forbidden. Whether or not those details appear elsewhere on the web many users don't want their personal details associated with their screen name. Frac: Mid to Serious

  10. Keep it non-violent. Even if you're not serious, the target of your "I'm gonna get you for that" comment only has to believe they are in danger of physical harm for it to be taken seriously. It's not worth getting kicked out over. And you will probably be kicked out over it. Frac: Serious

  11. Take it on the chin. If you get a warning or a suspension don't fly off the handle. You'll only get yourself in deeper. Make your case clearly and respectfully and you might be heard. Chuck a tanty and you might get the flick. Creating new user accounts to get around bans or restrictions WILL increase your suspension or get you booted off the site. Masking or altering your IP is reasonably easily spotted so don't waste your time on it. Contact the Admins for reviews of infractions and bans. Frac: Warning to Serious for continuous time-wasting

  12. For Premium BFSC Members: Keep in mind commandment 2 in regards to your avatars. Sigs are limited to a max of four lines of normal sized text. Don't make your sig overly big or bright, it interrupts the flow of discussion. Your financial support is appreciated but does not entitle you to special treatment if you break the rules. Your membership fee is not refundable if your account is banned. Frac: Warning escalating to Minor

All warnings (also called 'infractions') attract points. With each 'serious' warning you progress a level from 1st up to 4th Serious. At 4th Serious you lose your account.

Infractions: Minor: 1 point; Mid: 3 points; Serious: 5 points.

Results: 3 points - lose ability to post threads and some other privileges; 5 points - lose access to the site.
Serious Warnings: First serious = 1 week off; second serious = 2 weeks off; third serious = 3 weeks off; fourth serious = lose your account.

You can also receive warnings with 0 points which are just to remind you of the rules. Mods can also suspend your account for a day if they think you just need a day off to cool down.

The administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove or alter your posts and threads at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to suspend, restrict or completely block your user account at any time for any reason. If you don't receive a reason or notification of an action please ask.

Some team boards have slight variations of these rules (e.g. allowing mild swear words in context). It is better to ask permission than seek forgiveness, because some moderators aren't all that forgiving.

* Found on "The Web" (which is always right): An action for slander may be brought without alleging and proving special damages if the statements in question have a plainly harmful character, as by imputing to the plaintiff criminal guilt, serious sexual misconduct, or conduct or a characteristic affecting his or her business or profession. So if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't make up something nasty. We keep IPs recorded against each post so we can track you if a court order arrives with your user name on it.

** It is where they get half their story ideas.

To report an objectionable post to a moderator, use the "report post" link under each post.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check this page on a regular basis for changes, additions and deletions.

By registering you agree to abide by these rules.