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Apr 1, 2015 at 8:44 PM
Dec 18, 2002
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Norm Smith Medallist, Male, from

#fistedforever Aug 24, 2013

Supermercado was last seen:
Apr 1, 2015 at 8:44 PM
    1. Supermercado
    2. Supermercado
    3. DemonJim
      Hey man, great write up on that blog! I too will always be apart of that "club"!
      1. Supermercado likes this.
      2. DemonJim
        I actually got the link from it from a girl at my work who linked me to it this morning :)
        Jun 22, 2012
    4. Crimson Azure
      Crimson Azure
      Thanks again for putting the write up together, great read. Chief was happy too.
    5. DaisysHair
      Plums - That's all I wanted to say, but apparently I have to put at least 6 characters. So plums and a rambling sentence.
    6. d33my
      been reading your blog, keep up the good work, some genuine laffs (and some great insight) on there. Top notch on the demon wiki, too.
    7. DaisysHair
      Sir definately gets plums. Still no comments from the young man. Weak.
    8. davey_magik
      Wasn't you.

      Terrific atmosphere though for once, it was electric when Scully kicked that goal :thumbsu: .

      Unfortunately it'll be a terrible turnout this week :( .
    9. davey_magik
      Where did you sit on Saturday night mate, I have a sneaky feeling I saw you :D
    10. lionaround
      Great game preview, thoroughly enjoyed.
    11. nigelicious
      Excellent match writeup champ.
    12. Demon Revival
      Demon Revival
      Do you really have Lyon's book??? Love to borrow it, give me a call 0402234370 or if not I'll catch up at intra club match no doubt (at the bar) cheers Rod
    13. DaisysHair
      Fry the f****** Chickem until it's black you c***
    14. DaisysHair
      Sirrr send our Carltank mate an abusive message or something to get him to post, he's been on 2 months, and don't sweet FA Cup.
    15. Demon Revival
      Demon Revival
      How are the injuries going???. Sorry for the apparent lack of sympathy, but it's too much fun shit stirring... Has it affected going to work? all the best Rod
    16. DaisysHair
    17. DaisysHair
    18. DaisysHair
    19. DaisysHair
    20. Supermercado
      Meese = the newest cult figure.

      I've been searching long and hard for one since the Philth got the arse.

      Now he's in the mix for my new jumper number lottery. 26, 34 or 37 - who knows where the wind will have blown by the time they finally get them in stock. I'm tempted by Martin, but where's the fun in having a famous number? Bring back Shaun Rehn and his unswerving commitment to the +50's.

      You're right on Bennell. Has gone from "at least he's better than Weetra" to great in 3 weeks.
    21. davey_magik
      Haha fair enough.

      I had a bit of a chuckle at some reports saying the Tigers would have won with another few minutes to go, we should have finished the game a lot earlier.

      Trying not to get too carried away with next week but we are a good chance against the Crows. Impressed with Bennell and Jones' new-found decision making but the biggest plus is Meesen. I mean I thought he was crap WTF?
    22. davey_magik
      Mate how do you post whilst at games?

      Have you been taking your laptop you nerd :D
    23. davey_magik
      Ah Mercs, it seems as the club gets worse on-field, gets funnier :D .
      Keep up the good work.
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