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Dec 10, 2003
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May 27, 2015 at 10:53 PM
    1. The rabbi
      The rabbi
      Turbo, is there a VFL game on today? I was sure that the Cats were playing Sandy at Sandy but I cannot find a thread on it. I have started one but I fear that I may have my wires crossed on this one. My apologies if I have boxed this up.
      Cheers, The Rabbi
    2. Pivo
      LOL - at least let me get in my ninja edits there Turbs. It is actually an interesting topic but I fear I've derailed the thread.
    3. The rabbi
      The rabbi
      Turbo, I have started a thread on Casey Tutungi but I thought that I would let you know in case it in inappropriate ATM. Personally, I don't think so but it could be a sensitive issue and needs to be handle as such.

      Cheers, Rabbi
    4. SquishyKitty
      Hi TC, wondering if you have the time/inclination, if you'd explain your comments *, please? Interested to understand.
      *It would help out the boutique clubs in Melb and also remove the criteria of having to play ex number of games - on top of a car park.
      *The planning permissions for the monstrosity it has become should be investigated.
    5. The rabbi
      The rabbi
      Turbo, has any complained about delays trying to submit posts or open new pages within BF? I keep getting delays and I get a message "waiting for tags.expo9.exponential.com... at the bottom of the page where the url is displayed. Forgive my explanation. I am a computer moron.

      I just wondered if the problem is BF associated. I do not experience it anywhere else on the net. I have to back arrow and then quickly forward arrow to load the page.

      Yours, the Rabbi
    6. sarah.13
      Hi there , have been trying to put my tips in but wont let saying only picking 8 games..the brisbane v carlton game isn't letting make a selection. my tips are
      Carlton, essendon, sydney,west coast,adelaide,collingwood. nth melb,stkilda and hawthorn. hoping you can assist , mant thanks
    7. Runknisse
      Hi there. Just want you to know I'm not trying to bait anyone with my thread. It's all in good humour. I don't know why Lifespan-Void is so upset. All the best for tonight!
    8. grizzlym
      Light blue suits you. Welcome.
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