It looked like a match against a resurgent Highlanders team; a match that had come at the wrong time for the Chiefs who were hoping to end their winless streak. Highlanders on the other hand were playing with confidence which made it all the more difficult for the away team.

The last time Chiefs went on a three game winless streak was in 2010. Therefore seasoned punters were right in thinking that the Chiefs can pull off a result in this fixture even though they are underdogs. Pundits and fans also believe that despite the Chief’s recent form the game is still very much in the balance. And it turned out to be true as the game ended in a 31-31 tie.

Those who took a punt on a draw despite the bookies making Highlanders the favourite earned a handsome amount. It’s exactly this sort of unpredictability that makes sports so fun and so potentially profitable. On the other hand, betting on a “sure thing” doesn’t have the same excitement or the same gigantic payouts but it is a great choice for those who are more cautious with their money. How to know which is which, though.

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Chiefs’ passed their test of character

The Highlanders began their season with back to back victories. They had to wait until the last two games for their next two consecutive victories. In the meanwhile they have lost multiple games which obstructed their momentum. But on the evidence of their last two performances confidence is really high and they look certain to build from here. You can visit for an overview of all the stats relating to the rugby world.

As was predicted the Highlanders dominated the game for the most part and were leading by a safe margin until the final twenty minutes. As the prospect of another crushing defeat loomed large the Chiefs’ players pulled up their socks. They seemed possessed during the final twenty minutes in which they scored 19 points to the Highlanders’ 3.

Why it is working out for the Highlanders

It must have been frustrating for the Highlanders when they were losing matches by narrow margins. In this period there were a lot of young players being played by the coach who performed really well. Now it seems they have gotten the experience to see out games. This has also put pressure on the senior players to perform better. This upturn in form may also be helpful for the players who are going to the world cup later this year. Read on here for more fixture details.

Chiefs are adept at coping with injuries but more is needed

In the recent past there has been no other team which has managed to deal with injuries as well as the Chiefs. Although being able to do that doesn’t mean that a team can never have down moments. If a leading figure in the dressing room gets injured the team morale is bound to be affected. For example the absence of their inspiring captain Brodie Retallick has proven very costly for the Chiefs. However some returning players like halfback Brad Weber, wing Sean Wainui will provide some much needed lift to this squad.

The Chiefs coach understands that things are not going to be easy with the recurring injuries. They need urgently address the injury issue and bring in good backups if they are to compete this season.