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    Updated The Bruce Lehrmann Trials Pt2 * Toowoomba Rape Trial

    ...they feel that that narrative signals a higher level of empathy to Higgins the rape victim and / or the broader sphere of sexual abuse and the #metoo and #LetHerSpeak movements; 2. They're an [insert political party here] shill who wants to see the Liberal party burn that badly that they'll...
  2. doug85

    AFL Toast Beat the giants by 20!


    Bruce Lehrmann revealed as man charged with two counts of rape in Toowoomba

    ...get is negativity on vaccines, 5G implants, lockdown measures etc. But I'm not totally against the use of social media either, as I think the #metoo campaign has been fantastic for weeding out some powerful grubs. So yeah, I have a high degree of interest in the media. I would never...
  4. Dogs_R_Us

    Society & Culture Things that Make You Feel Old

  5. M

    Priest Stabbed Live Stream in Sydney

    ...dangerous extremism and conspiracy theories. The other side is that it has shone a light on so many issues related to women and POC. Think #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. Think of all the women in the US who are able to access abortions because of our ability to share information via social...
  6. Jazny

    Game Day Gryan Miers' led GREATEST TEAM OF ALL surges to TOP 2 on the ladder vs NORF at the GREATEST stadium in the Southern Hemisphere, KARDINIA PARK!

    ...Bondi stabbing the day it was happening! That's why it was deleted. Imagine if I tagged Zackah in a serious thread on the mainboard about a #metoo allegation or something and I was going on about him defending Jake Stringer... It's not funny, appropriate, or cool. So just stop and have a...
  7. Shell

    FTA-TV First Dates - Part 7

    Film & TV History 2020 Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape and a criminal sexual act in landmark case that ignited #metoo movement
  8. Kurve

    Mid East Israel declare war after Hamas attack II

    I didn't condemn the #metoo movement, I watched it
  9. Kurve

    Mid East Israel declare war after Hamas attack II

    Oh well, I'm certain, you're certain but the reality is we'll never really know because they didn't respond as they should have imo which started the #MeTooUnlessYou'reAJew For the record, I never was really on board with the #metoo movement and felt it might end badly.
  10. Rod Stroker

    Past #26: Tarryn Thomas [Part II] - will honor his contract and play on at NMFC in 2024, so says the reality TV manager

    If he's screwed up, then he should be gone, no excuses. I expected him to go last year FWIW. But gee, if she has overcooked her story, and he has nothing to answer for while dragging his name through the mud again, she's just sent the #metoo movement backwards, and probably deserves to be slapped
  11. Plugger35

    Song Contest Part XXI, Host: Purple7x08_24, Theme: Pre-2000, Votes Due: Wednesday 10pm AEDT Time

    ...have nommed this song for Jo Koy's opening monologue. He's no Ricky Gervais, I haven't seen anyone bomb that badly since Bill Cosby's opening monologue at the last #metoo convention. Even I can write better jokes than him, that one would have got more laughs than his lame jokes did that...
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    Footy Is The Win's Top 50 All Time Scumbags

    ...then laughed about it when he got off. Left soldiers to die in Benghazi, then bleached her phone and hard drive to cover it up. Promotes the #metoo movement whilst being married to a bloke impeached for getting sucked off by his young secretary in the Whitehouse. Same guy who boarded 26...
  13. Gralin

    Society/Culture Tucker Carlson - Fired from Fox. Sacked. Terminated. Given the heave-ho.

    Spacey got done by #metoo he's got one option left for an audience and money and it sure as shit isn't going to be left leaning
  14. Crow till I die

    Opinion AUSTRALIAN Politics: Adelaide Board Discussion Part 5

    Apparently #metoo / misogyny is only a phenomenon when someone of the left that has been targeted. ie here in Australia for example, it was pointed out how people were misogynistic towards Julia Gillard, but no such protestations were put up (by the same people) when say Pauline Hanson or Peta...
  15. Festerz

    Updated The Bruce Lehrmann Trials * Justice Lee - "Mr Lehrmann raped Ms Higgins."

    ...a good story,” adding that “this was a story whose time had come.” Against the backdrop Mr. Whybrow was describing — the national and global MeToo movement the judicial system will now scrutinise behaviour inside Australia’s insular and often unaccountable halls of power, with the...
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    Vintage Bay Mofra's Bottom 50 for 2023

    Mabior #metoo Chol .... had to escape Dimma for a second time
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    Fundraiser Heritage Round Season 36 proudly supporting WCH Foundation

    #metoo The Filth 0 7 1 0 2 1 0 2 4 49 pantskyle 0 16 0 9 4 0 0 4 0 106
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    Unsolved Murder of teacher Lilie James at St Andrews school - Sydney CBD

    This is where #metoo has been a real eye-opener for me. I always felt as though my wife took caution to the extreme and I recall being gobsmacked years ago when I caught up with an overseas flame in Perth and she'd lock her car doors while driving if she was stopped at the traffic lights. I'd...
  19. MC Extra Dollop

    Unsolved Murder of teacher Lilie James at St Andrews school - Sydney CBD should have to put up with harassment and that there are support networks and actions you can take if you are being harassed. The #metoo movement has created a significant shift in how a lot of people think about male/female interactions, dating, flirting, the whole dynamic, but it...
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    FTA-TV First Dates - Part 5 - Back to the Repeats

  21. 74561347

    FTA-TV First Dates - Part 5 - Back to the Repeats

    #metoo with uranus
  22. Gralin

    Russell Brand faces allegations of rape, sexual assaults & abuse a political issue says it all about why he has done what he has in the last five years since he got repeatedly accused by co workers after #metoo kicked off. He's cultivated a fan base that is willing to believe he's being falsely accused because of what he says. Funnily enough the...