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  • Just got back home mate - I'll put the preview up in the next couple of hours. Having to re-examine it slightly after I saw the team sheet though...
    Look at that - you're armed and dangerous now. Congrats, mate. I'll touch base later re the weapons and the like.
    Mate check my response to the grad suggestion, get it going if you want.

    Edit: I see you're alreadt on the board.
    Not sure how it will happen, I assume those who nominate will be put up to vote for but most have already selected who they plan to vote for so we will have to see what transpires from here.
    Very happy brother.

    Lets just hope Ricky can stay injury free in 2011 and produce a similar level of form to his start of the 2010 season.
    Hey thanks mate ... I love your work on here too ... One of the posts I stop and read when I see your name.
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