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Dec 12, 2018 at 4:37 PM
Jul 16, 2007
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Crimson Azure

Moderator, Male, from Mariana Trench

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Dec 12, 2018 at 4:37 PM
    1. sonnywalters
      Can you please delete my username sonnywalters and account.
      1. Crimson Azure
        Crimson Azure
        Hi mate, contact Chief or another admin about it as I can't do that.
        May 27, 2018
    2. Deefolt
      whats it mean by team captain? this stuff confuses me
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      2. Deefolt
        my profile says I am team captain, I was a debutant or something before?
        Aug 10, 2013
      3. Crimson Azure
        Crimson Azure
        Ah ok, it may be due to time you've on here or amount of posts. Something like that anyway.
        Aug 10, 2013
      4. Deefolt
        oh ok... how strange haha
        Aug 10, 2013
    3. RandB
      Over 10k, how did I miss that...
      1. Crimson Azure
        Crimson Azure
        It's official, I've spent too much time on here.
        Jun 15, 2013
    4. Carusiii
      Hey CA, i was wanting to change my username, how do i go about doing that?
      1. Crimson Azure
        Crimson Azure
        Opened the drop down box when you click on or hover over your name on the above right And click on preferences then look at the options on the left-hand side of the page one will say 'change name' or something like that then click on that and the rest is history.
        Apr 2, 2013
      2. Crimson Azure
        Crimson Azure
        How did you go?
        Apr 4, 2013
      3. Carusiii
        i couldnt find it haha, looked for a while too and just gave up after a while haha, thanks for ur help tho!
        Apr 4, 2013
    5. AllMyTeamsAreWank
      Can you PM me the supercoach div 2 code?
      1. Crimson Azure
        Crimson Azure
        Ask Syrus for it, he can help. Hes running this.
        Mar 21, 2013
      2. AllMyTeamsAreWank
        Thanks mate
        Mar 21, 2013
    6. Prog Rocker
      Prog Rocker
      Is this SERIOUSLY STILL GOING ON!!!! I got banned from the MELBOURNE FC BOARD 5 bloody months ago.I would really like to look through it again.....This is OVERKILL GUYS! cheers
    7. AllenJakovich13
      haha cheers CA! updated & loving the new avatar!
    8. d33my
      Hey mate,
      Thanks for your message. I'm actually overseas in the US at the moment, here til the start of November. Rest assured I'll get more time to get back into the board when I return!
      Talk to you soon, enjoy the off-season.
      1. Crimson Azure likes this.
    9. Cager Macleod
      Cager Macleod
      I love your avatar so much. it's cute :D
    10. Waka
      Buddy!!!!!!!!!! You exist! haven't seen you round stranded.... Hello!
    11. Private Hudson
      Private Hudson
      Hey mate it' s bostonrob here just wondering if you could do me a favour? I've lost all the history off my computer and can't find a link to the stranded community. If you have it could you possibly send it my way ? Cheers
    12. RandB
      Your avatar has movement again.

      Nearly 8000 posts too.
    13. Jab
      Why not?
    14. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      Hey mate, I get back at the end of May... just in time to watch the Dons demolish us I think :( Nah, excited to see some live footy... it's been too long, and watching online just doesn't cut it!
    15. Wonaeamirri33
      Preview's up now....
    16. Wonaeamirri33
      Hey mate... just letting you know I'll be posting up the full preview on the thread there in a couple of hours :)
    17. Igloo
      Hey CA, just moved your post to the FaceOff thread. What were you doing putting it in the SC/DT questions thread? :p
    18. Wonaeamirri33
      Waiting a little longer- there's not much as yet in the way of reports from anyone about the leadup to this match, it seems like. Makes it a bit easier to provide the usual level of detail in a preview when there's some other reportage out there to work with.

      PS- Set to go now mate, will post it up around 10 pm :)

      PPS- Yep, it's up now. Brutal honesty is definitely the major theme for this one too...
    19. Wonaeamirri33
      Will put it up as soon as possible mate. I'll look to put it together when I get back from the bowling comp tonight...
    20. Wonaeamirri33
      Sorry I missed starting off the GDT today mate - was out in the city until very late last night with various things going on & crashed after I got home. Thought I'd be up early enough today to still do it, but didn't work out that way. I'll have it all back to normal next week though.
    21. Wonaeamirri33
      Will do mate, just about ready to upload it now. The team selection thread is working well too, thinking we could have it run that way every week, with that thread as a regular feature for specific chat assessing the lineup, and my one for general discussion in the leadup to the game...
    22. Bartram_Class
      Will have the new thread up pronto.
    23. Syrus
      Sure is. :thumbsu:
      most welcome .

      all i hear about Jim was always good stuff
      i remember watching him on tv when he played, never saw him do a dirty act ,
      met him once a yr or 2 back and said hi and best wishes and that smile was beautiful ,
      have encountered many that have had the privileged of being helped by him and reach or one of their family has been and their words were always glowing ,
      have watched and hoped all the way through that he would beat it ,
      was so sad last night when i heard he had gone down hill ,
      i hoped it was not to be but sadly it was .
    25. Tassieboy
      Thanks a lot, mate! All the best :)
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