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  • Hey you asked us to point out when you have been wrong and I did but now you’ve left the thread with everyone wanting your take on it.
    Fyfe is locked in.lolol fool
    I was wrong. But I was 2 months ahead on JOM and TOM. Can’t win them all.
    Your posting is bad and you should feel bad. Way to get completely owned in your own thread
    I do feel bad. Terrible actually. Can you make me feel better?
    haha shit don't make me like that post and get in to arguments with our own posters. I've been at it with Swans all day, lol.
    Mathew ******* Nicholls. Don't usually complain about umpires, but the amount of times the Bulldog players dropped the ball or ducked into tackles seems to elude this moron. The irony they're sponsored by OPSM! AND WHY ARE THEIR VOICES ALL THE SAME? This has continually bugged me ever since they introduced mics. A good umpire should not be noticed!
    Thanks for your concern about Tiggy Tiger. We hope to have the DH on the road quicker than the DH can glubber himself over his cousin
    Mate, hope you are well in every way. Please oh please bump your famous Requiem for the Carlton FC. I have looked and looked and looked and alas I cannot find it!

    It was always prophetic. It's time is now!!!!!!!!!

    Keep safe, B
    Congrats mate! I was cheering you guys on to beat the team who were over the salary cap. COLA doesn't necessarily win you premierships!
    And I thought the umpiring was bad last week... but this... this really hurts. Now I 100% know how you feel about the umpires mate. **** 'em. Did you see the non-decisions with the Geelong runner and the Menzel high?
    Sorry to see his departure. He made Hawthorn better to watch. Hodge may well KO him next time.
    That Nicholls **** almost cost us the game. But despite that, we still won. What a great win that was! Ninth place beating Premiershipmond hahahahaha. They are truly our bitches.
    That name in question is my son's name. Langers is one of my oldest friends. And now you pop up with it. Small, small world.

    hey you never sent me the criteria you wanted me to look at your website in regard to. Can still do.
    Congrats on the win. I was really hoping we'd snag it to make up for the Essendon loss, but when the umpires are overbearing like that, I guess it makes it a lot harder. :(
    Was reading an old Dee's thread made in 2008 before the draft, and you made a comment that in retrospect is spot on the money. The Dees should take the risk on Nic Nat with the chance of creating a destiny. But the Dees went with the safe option..and are no better placed now than then. Meanwhile West Coast have an athletic dynamo of a ruckman. Well called. i can't bump the thread, i'd be carded to the moon i'd say!
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