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  • G'day
    Just went to post war and peace only to find out that we are down to a 420 limit
    Has morphed from something that started long ago in another thread.
    Paraphrase. posted an opinion that only slightly knocked Punky about body language, I got flogged over it.
    Do I hate Punky ? No.
    Do I think he gets royal service on here? Yes
    The by play has just turned askew
    Hope you dont mind the PM
    All good mate. It's your opinion. I get roasted for my assessment on Langers, and for the love I bore for Jordan Lewis.

    Once you head down a path sometimes things take on a life of their own.

    No sweat from me <thumbs up emoji here>
    Your new plaything Nakia is thrashing wildly. Funny to watch. You just know that one mention of the word threepeat or 2008 and his lip must drop.
    Nothing new about Nakia (Son of God). We've clashed for years. Although we did reach an agreement 6 months back to keep the 'disagreements' respectful lol

    I don't mind him these days........but yeah, there's little ability to process rationally about the Hawks
    Enjoy the win mate, hate your team but * they are too good
    All good. Too many of your fellow Hawks intent on rewriting history after the fact.
    Oh well to the winners go the spoils. Bring on 2015
    LoL Jase! I just got a trophy off your last like... "Nice content" (like to post ratio of 2:1)!!

    You coming down for the game bro?
    Haha - nicely done Jim.

    Not this time unfortunately. Cats games kill me to watch anyway. Will be hard enough watching on TV at a friends. lol.

    Enjoy. Would love a comfy win.
    Did you see Metallica?
    Nah mate, I'm shattered but I couldn't get there. Had a ticket if i wanted it but couldn't get things to fall into place. Mate of mine went up and saw them for the first time and he couldn't stop talking about it Saturday.

    You get along?
    Strapping Young Lad
    Strapping Young Lad
    Yep, I was there. 3rd time I've seen them, and I reckon it was the best show they've done.
    Now I'm even more shattered, lol. They played Creeping Death too.
    bad luck mate, cant win them all ,Over the last 10 years geelong have won 75% of the grandfianls they have played , hawthorn 50% .
    so what are you going to think about more over the summer losing the grandfinal or the fact that no matter what you can not beat geelong ?
    PS its kind of cool how i can say i support the only victorian club to win 3 AFL premierships
    It was nice of the Cats to contribute to another Hawthorn Premiership season by losing when it counts.
    Time to face reality , geelong just simply have a better side than hawthorn.Take a look at all the available evidence such as head to head results ,performances against other clubs ,finals success ,individual player awards etc everything points to one conclusion

    the current geelong side is just better than the current hawthorn side
    go cats
    "I actually don't mind Lloyd. Find his opinions quite balanced.

    Darcy is simply terrible".

    How bizarre - what we hear and how we interpret it mate - I would say the total opposite, although Darcy has slipped a bit since he started and called it like it was.
    Mate - same, been bedridden with some virus for most of the week so a leave pass is out of the question really. Great to put a face to the username last week mate - always enjoyed and respected your writings from the get go. Go Hawks!!!!
    pathetic it is - love to know where his hate of all things hawks comes from. You would think being a docker supporter you would bow down to those far more superior and have a little humility. I took pleasure though in pointing out the masterclass in coaching that Clarko gave to Harve's against his mob. :)
    Haha no. Sad thing is, I do really rate Hawthorn and I do think they're a top notch team... I'm just over this constant degrading of Carlton that's happened this whole week by Hawthorn fans. It's gotten to the point where I'm intentionally downtalking Hawthorn for no reason but to bring some of the supporters down a peg, and ironically now I'm doing what I'm accusing them of doing...
    Yeah, I know. As a matter of course if a post contains a quote from a deleted one it gets nuked, regardless of the quality.
    Looks like a general clean up. I suspect your post was deleted because it quote a post of Monkey Kings that had since been deleted. I'll ask the other mods. The general note on the thread was general clean up. Nothing, I suspect, to do with your posts.
    Gordon Gecko .... Just haven't seen any hawk related threads from him and I know we were all looking forward to his continued criticism of the club and that riding on the coat tails of that finals win for months on end .... Just wondered if you had had the opportunity
    28 points up in the last quarter, no scarlett or taylor to play on franklin or roughead , all you had to do was hold on and win and you would be launching a late run at the premiership.It was a golden opportunity, but you blew it.

    fatso franklin couldnt get boot to ball because hes to slow, hodge was no where to be found as he cant handle a tag and cant find the footy himself.

    as usual hawthorn couldnt handle the pressure

    the mods closed the thread down, said i wasn't allowed to advertise what i was doing - bugger! i hope you like the dvd, let me know what you think of it!
    No problems.

    Next time don't get so defensive over some constructive critisim. If I wanted that reaction, I would've posted on Bay 13. ;)

    Peace. :)
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