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  • Remove the actual name from the post....don't give a sh*t what you write just use your brains and don't use an actual name.
    Hey mate, I can't reply to messages for some weird reason right now. No idea why - probably the techs doing some tweaking and the like.
    Gday Mate. Definitely got to catch up for a few next time your in town. Ive been spendng a bit of time over in Bangkok the last 12 months but should be here for at least 3 months. Nothing better than seeing you in Bay 13. Like the good old days.
    i see the post now,
    i had slightly forgotten that ,
    i had copied that word for word and coma for coma from the paper work i got ata function for the hawk museum function i went too ,
    i guess i can not take the credit for all that is written, as much as i would love too ,
    i do try to at least spell words the right way ,
    i was good at spelling at school 20 plus years ago and i think i am not bad most times with that,
    it is the grammar i am not the best at these days ,
    though not sure if i was that great at it back then,
    but i would have been better then i am now , 22 years on checkout , does not help either,
    cause all you deal with is numbers not words and grammar ,

    Thank you for putting up with my posts over the years , i try but do forget at times to try not to go on a rant where i don't stop posting till i hit submit . they usually happen if i am a bit fired up i think or tired .
    which post we talking ??

    i try not to do short hand , i must do that with out realising ??

    i do try but if i cop abuse i rebel,
    i know that i try harder if people ask nicely though
    working on check outs and not having to write things has not helped me remember things when it comes to grammar , etc etc .
    anyway how are you ,
    good i hope.
    Thanks mate:thumbsu:
    No worries if i come across him I'll let you know :D
    Good luck to you and your family:thumbsu::thumbsu:
    Cool bro - if you come across sunnytee in whatever carnation he is now - absolute legend of a man, and the only Collingwood fella in the Bay for many years - say g'day for me.
    Thank's for the advice mate:thumbsu:
    Appreciate it....Still admire long time posters like yourself:thumbsu:
    Thanks mate you are a better poster than myself:thumbsu:
    Can't wait for the 20th of March.May the best team win.......Just between you and me I'm worried:D
    LMFAO Darts is very nonathletic Wood chopping on the other hand:thumbsu:
    Good luck this year TAITA :thumbsu:
    Thanks mam but I can't seem to access that area of BigFooty. It keep saying I don't have the priveledges. Where is that thread, what board?
    Thanks for the message mate, you called it right :D

    Bring on 2012, and what should be a cracking year for our both sides
    No worries mate. I look forward to the resumption of hostilities next year and the prospect of many more tough and close encounters. We can expect nothing else!
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