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  • I am only going to do this for the next week but Hawthorn are a mighty club that Geelong could learn a few things from.11 premierships in 43 years says it all
    disapointed that hawthorn have to play Geelong first week in the finals without the advatage of having a week off ? when geelong play hawthorn on equal terms Geelong win its a fact of life
    bad luck mate, cant win them all ,Over the last 10 years geelong have won 75% of the grandfianls they have played , hawthorn 50% .
    so what are you going to think about more over the summer losing the grandfinal or the fact that no matter what you can not beat geelong ?
    PS its kind of cool how i can say i support the only victorian club to win 3 AFL premierships
    28 points up in the last quarter, no scarlett or taylor to play on franklin or roughead , all you had to do was hold on and win and you would be launching a late run at the premiership.It was a golden opportunity, but you blew it.

    fatso franklin couldnt get boot to ball because hes to slow, hodge was no where to be found as he cant handle a tag and cant find the footy himself.

    as usual hawthorn couldnt handle the pressure
    Thanks for that mate! Plenty more to come...converting all those old tapes to DV and then getting rid of them makes the loungeroom a bit more livable...!
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