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  • Hey mate, hope you check out the preview soon. Decided to take a leaf out of the Book of Neeld and bring the fire and brimstone for this one, after some of the garbage that's been spouted by "pundits" and other arrogant self-appointed proclaimers about the team this week, and Jack in particular more recently - and even us as supporters - with a pile of utter nonsense from certain quarters on the main board last night.

    Self-proclaimed "experts" can GAGF :thumbsu:
    I grinned when I saw your post letting fly at that pro-Abbott spindoctor cretin mate. Always good to know that we're on a similar page politically.

    Like I said a while ago in PM, one way or another, I'll be setting up a news and political commentary outlet on the Web in the not-too-distant future (including a sizeable football component), and I'd love to have you involved in some way when it comes into being...
    Just call it like I see it. Plus, there was enough negativity there without me adding any more. ;)
    Dont think anybody cares what you are getting up to... Not sure about you but as far as i am concerned bigfooty isnt serious business.
    (ROFLMAO) Touche' Biff. Apologies for the delay in replying but I haven't graced these pages for about a month.

    I have to tug my forelock at your Robbie Flower like verbal grace and prowess. By comparison, I'm more your basic Max Rooke style conversationalist.

    I'll be sure to invite you next time I make my annual pilgrimage to The Greatest [Town] Of All. Although I am worried that The Sphinx might be a bit upmarket for me.

    We might have to slum in the MCG Members' Bar when your lot next host mine.
    Hey Biff,
    I was bored and browsing whilst waiting for Friday Night Pizza to arrive and stumbled across this...

    "If I have done any deed worthy of remembrance, that deed will be my monument. If not, no monument can preserve my memory."
    Biff, please tell me you didn't shelve the thread due to my crap clip. I actually thought your thread was a good light hearted post! I feel bad now lol...
    Thanks Biff. Should be a cracker. Yes, I know what you mean, the off-season really bores me and with the indians cheating, I feel I need to bring out some of the classic name a games I have stored in the Amway headquarters to reminsce about the great days of the yellow and black. All the best to the Biff lot too. I'll see what I can do. I have had 3 month bans for n00dz, so I think I'm on my last warning. All the best - Budda
    Sorry about the tardiness of my reply, not much time for BF these days. In regards to the reopening of "The Kiosk" I'd really like to think i'm past all the blatant dick measuring that goes on in there.

    Fiddlesticks to you, as always.
    Hi Biff

    Sorry I missed this post Comrade, thanks for the offer though.
    Oh yeah - no probs. Thouroughly enjoying the Kiosk in all honesty.

    About 2/3's through your book (have a new born at home so bit hard finding time to read) and really enjoying it - literally had a few laugh out loud moments.
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