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  • It's all a game and a act most of these ppl are just letting off steam from the daily grind of life so why worry about it.Seriously I'm not a bad bloke I'd help just about anyone even bushie.;)

    The generous response is very much appreciated. I will endeavour to take your advice, and put some ramblings to paper as they occur to me.

    Good luck with your second and third novels. I hope you find the space and freedom to give them a serious crack, and ultimately get them published.


    I have noticed your work on a few occasions now, and it is always an interesting, amusing read. The most recent examples prompted me to click on your profile, and it was at this point that I noticed you are writing a novel. I am rather curious to hear from you about this, for the idea of writing something has always appealed to me, especially lately given that I have rediscovered my passion for reading.

    I'm fairly sure however, that it is something I will always plan to do, yet never actually undertake seriously. My dad was an English teacher his entire life, and despite becoming a very skilled writer, has found it incredibly difficult to complete the novel he commenced 5 or so years ago. It is obviously an extremely challenging process.

    Anyway, based on some of your posts (the zombie ones in particular), I assume that you are writing fiction! Or at least some sort of historically inspired fiction. What do you find to be the most difficult aspects of writing? Is it hard to be continually creative, or does the actual process of writing become tedious after months and years?

    One more question - there's no doubt the best practise would be simply to start writing, but in your opinion, is reading widely and consistently as valuable, relatively speaking?

    It sounds like you are a busy man, so I don't expect you to expound your theories on literature and writing! A few brief reflections however, would be much appreciated.


    The Bay 13 war continues Biff.

    It is now 1939. The blitzkrieg has taken the world by force. Russia (Geelong) have taken their foot off the pedal and are sitting pretty in their homeland. The 3rd Reich continues to advance throughout Europe.

    To arms!
    Commerisations today Biff. The D's really took up the challenge. Very impressed with Austin.
    I thought you were too much of a natural writer to be cooped up in a cubicle somewhere. Very interesting Biff.

    I hope you can complete your novel in time and find a publisher as well, though I'm assuming the first will lead to the second.

    I began a writing course at uni myself, but found it difficult to breach the divide between writing academically and writing imaginatively, so I cut my losses on that front.

    I'd be interested to know more, though only when you have the time and patience.

    No problems biff.

    Given I have no kids and a non-demanding job, I am sure the requests on your time operate to the opposite of mine.

    I'd be interested to hear about your project X.

    And yes I remember the first time we crossed paths, I mistook you for another garden variety bay 13 poster, but you soon demonstrated otherwise. Something about being a big supporter of regional Victoria ;)
    Weak hand indeed..

    You love to draw a good historical parrallel Biff, it is very interesting to read.

    But what about a thread where you summarise every club's current position with reference to an event or a passage of history. You've already done this with Hawthorn and the third reich, but I'm wondering what you'd make of essendon, Fremantle or North Melbourne?

    Just throwing an idea out there, feel free to ignore it :)
    Stronzo - that is the challenge of being a Fremantle or Demons supporter on B13 - playing with a weak hand !!! Keep the faith - Biffinator
    You're very generous, but I think you're mistaken. We know how to lose better than Melb.

    One things for sure, we'll both be battling it out at the foot of the ladder for a couple of years.
    Well done on yesterday, probably in the top 5 worse losses I've witnessed from my club.

    The young Melville islander, Wonamerri? Looks the goods.
    I have a copy. The author has two books on zombie apoccalypse/ zombie survival. The guide is written as a legit survival guide, which I find hilarious. The other book is called World War Z, which is basically a novel. It was a best seller
    When the rest here are moaning ans shuffling around, we'll have the knowledge to survive & have a "headshot" competition :D:p;)
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