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    EPL Matchday 29

    Spurs showing the sort of defensive naivety Arsenal had become ridiculed for down the years.
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    Poor state of Test Cricket batting

    It reminds me of the infamous test when England's tail was something like Giddins, Mullally, Tufnell and Fraser!
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    What's your worst cricket memory?

    Unquestionably the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team. Bob Woolmer's death was very low as were the Cronje revelations. Tendulkar retiring brought the end of an era for me and cricket's never been quite the same since.
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    Undervalued Cricketers

    Saqlain is a brilliant one. Definitely the best finger spinner I've seen. I would throw in (as an all-rounder) Shaun Pollock. As good a bowler as any in his time yet averaged over 30 with the bat as well. Mark Richardson was a pretty good opener for the Kiwis.
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    1st ODI | Australia vs India @ SCG (13:20 local)

    It worked for Pakistan in the Champions Trophy. I came on just to comment about this. Quite frankly embarrassing that three professional commentators never mind legends of the game would be unaware of the recent change. Pretty sure RSA v Zim was the first such test.
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    Who’s covering the 2019 Ashes series on the radio in Australia and England?

    I would have thought the ABC will take the BBC TMS commentary,
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    BBL|08 Game 14: Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Thunder @ Adelaide Oval

    Rewinding a bit, that was an amazing passage of play to watch when Watson was caught out especially with the fireworks in the background as the ball was travelling. The red sky then the fireworks, a beautiful ground with a big crowd...Adelaide looks very appealing at this time of year when...
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    Channel 7 commentary whinge thread 2018-19

    Channel 4 introduced "The Analyst" in the form of Simon Hughes in 1999 - I think Hughes is excellent either as an analyst or commentator. It's a shame about Slater who was very popular over here on Channel 4 who brought him back after his serious illness as well. I guess 9 corrupted him.
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    Australia v South Africa 1st ODI @ Perth Stadium.

    I caught the end of the game on BT Sport. We had the FOX coverage with an occasional voiceover from Charlie Dagnall. Isa Guha is a great addition to the commentary team a she watches a heck of a lot of cricket unlike certain Aussie (and English) commentators. Are ODIs/T20I now exclusive to...
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    NRL 2018 NRL Grand Final - Storm vs Roosters

    Who was the last team nilled at HT in an NRL Grand Final?
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    The AFL in Ireland?

    Any AFL game in Ireland would have to be at Malahide with temporary stands etc or at the new cricket facility being built in West Dublin. Not sure The Oval (like 87???) would be a suitable venue now in the UK as it has reduced in size with the bigger stands encroaching on the playing surface.
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    The Associates thread

    Another one in the eye for the ICC - what a magnificent win for Scotland over England today!
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    Australian Cricket Broadcast Rights 2018 - 2023

    I don't think Warne will be on Sky Sports this summer but the good news is that Kumar Sangakkara will. Very much looking forward to hearing him in the box.
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    Australia’s fixture in 2018 (England, Zimbabwe?, Bangladesh?, Pakistan)

    I think it dates back to longer than that. I remember in 2001 there were two tests v Pakistan before the Ashes for instance. It makes sense with the demand for test cricket tickets here in England and until recently, little test cricket was played during the English summer so there was a clear run.
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