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    Who would you rate as the strongest premiership side in the AFL era?

    The Brisbane team of 01-03 would have the game sealed before the 1st bounce. Modern day players arent putting the head over the footy if you playing that team in its Prime. Some of the hardest footballers you will ever see. Proper footballers...The scott brothers are exactly what you want your...
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    Preview Is Lightening up a bit, the new trend in coaching?

    Just clubs trying to impose the footy culture on the modern day athlete...footy player On the financial side of things...yeah 500k is good when you are 25 but once you factor in the fact that 10 years down the track, your knees are bone on bone, Your 35 and have the brain of 75 year old, bad...
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    Ryan Nyhuis tackle on Robbie Gray

    Im not a doc either, Im sure it all plays a part to the brain deciding it has to restart. If enough force is pushing your jaw bone back, Then there is a good chance your brain moved inside your skull aswell :thumbsu:
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    Ryan Nyhuis tackle on Robbie Gray

    Getting knocked unconscious is the brain bouncing off the skull, which causes neurotransmitters to fire at the same time so the brain restarts = unconscious. If you are Ko'd, Thats because the brain took a tremendous amount of force. if you get a concussion but stay awake...The force didnt...
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    Your Favourite Game Soundtracks

    NBA live 05
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    Radio New podcast with Grant Thomas, Mike Sheahan and Sam Newman

    First listened to it yesterday...I like it. They 3 have no problems saying the things other AFL media guys dont.
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    news General MMA & combat sport discussion

    I picture a drop kick to the knee type of action but with 1 foot aimed at the knee cap
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    news General MMA & combat sport discussion

    Quick question, is it legal to throw something similar to slide tackle in the octagon? Kinda like an oblique kick but actually jump off the ground into him with both feet. An absolute dog act I know but is it legal?
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    MMA-UFC UFC Fight Night / UFC on Fox Events

    The MMA media a funny bunch. I mean, no eyebrows are raised after getting a tko win after being suspended for 2 years because of Roids...mind boggling to me.
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    MMA-UFC 2018 UFC Tipping -- April 01 - June 30

    Ivanov via ko Orrow via tko Glen via sub Brown via tko Mendes via dec Zingano via dec Got them in at 10.08
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    Walker on Tuohy

    Does he even hit him high? If the ball is within 5 metres of contact...You can line him up from the other side of the ground...Lining somebody up is irrelevant if the ball is in the area. Probably get 2 weeks with how the game is now
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    Multiplat NBA 2K19

    Will be the first 2k I miss since 2012. Last year was it for me. I like playing the mycareer but the story is so far fetched now its hard to get into and the grind now is ridiculous. The sad thing about it all....Its an NBA game....How hard is it make an interesting career mode?
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    MMA-UFC UFC 226 - Stipe v Corimer The Superfight

    That fight could be career ruining....going to take alot of PR work for me to forget about that
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