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    The Official New York Knicks Thread - TBA

    Who would you realistically target?
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    Game Day Praccy match vs Melbourne

    Where have you been living? Sydney? The cost cutting the club had to do resulted in job losses.
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    Training Preseason 2021

    I love the fact that Dusty couldn’t care less about winning a Brownlow or Norm Smith. He just wants premierships
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    Player Watch #38: Noah Balta

    When I look at Rance I feel like looking at my 1st serious girlfriend that I was batting above my average. Now I see Balta and I feel like my wife. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out like at the start but then turned into a babe and now we’re making babies
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    Training Preseason 2021

    Is Garth doing his job of being a backup? I think he is. He will never play 100 games but he will be the insurance for our best defenders
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    Training Preseason 2021

    Looking at the photos Dow won’t be far off
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    Player Watch Welcome to Richmond Rhyan Mansell

    Operation steal Tarryn Thomas is obviously underway
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    The Official New York Knicks Thread - TBA

    Another good win. Randle has to be a 🔒 for a all star spot
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    Player Watch #5 Jack Ross

    Players like Ross is why we can continue to contend. He is putting pressure on our senior guys
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    Sydney Stack Discussion

    Can we delist him and then re-sign him to the rookie list? If we delist him Freo or WCE will snap him up
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    Universal Love In the pantheon of Richmond greats, where does Dusty now stand?

    Best in my time by far 1-Dusty 2-Rance 3-Richo 4-Riewoldt 5-Cotchin
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    Uncontracted Noah Balta [OOC 2021]

    No chance we would let him leave. Could be captain material down the track as well imo
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    Uncontracted Liam Baker [OOC 2021]

    Hope he stays. One of our toughest players. I love watching him live. Hopefully he can move into the midfield
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    Training Preseason 2021

    Than an oyster