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    Toast Geelong - going pokies free

    You put in 100, you get back 80. 95% of people who play pokies are fine, but that 5% get sucked into the highly developed psychological trap they create and end up putting their whole life into them. I have one friend who lost his house because his wife put it through the pokies, another mate...
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    List Mgmt. Delistings Menzel and Murdoch

    If he can get continuity he will be a player. after 33 games in four years though I don't know when that's going to happen.
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    Player Watch #6 Jackson Thurlow - Welcome to Sydney

    I've been watching Thurlow since his debut, Had a bullet kick since day dot and a decent set of wheels. Got a lot of continuity early on and looked to be building into a pretty decent player. My only knock on him was he never seemed to have great awareness- he'd hit a target if he saw it but he...
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    Discussion 2019 Planning Thread

    DEF - Lloyd, Z. Williams, MID - T. Mitchell, Fyfe, Z. Merrett, Macrae, Libba rookies. RUC - Grundy, Someone not grundy. FWD - Shit trucks.
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    Discussion 2019 Planning Thread

    They recruited the ultimate clubman GHS who will average 110 leading the inside mids there next year.
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    Discussion 2019 Planning Thread

    9 sc in 15 seconds translates to a season average of 3000 points per game. Lock.
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    Discussion 2019 Planning Thread

    Libba will be popular if he gets on the park. 1 game average of 9.
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    List Mgmt. Tim Kelly remains a Cat for 2019

    Which two or three? Kinda Kelly then daylight to second for best first year player IMO...
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    List Mgmt. CONFIRMED - Gary Rohan a Cat for pick 61

    Well we tried bringing in JJK, Neale and gawn but it turns out that good players are much in demand and cost a high price, so you gotta work with whats available. We have struggled to keep quality smalls on the park, now we have some AFL quality depth with Dollhouse having some pretty good...
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    List Mgmt. Welcome Luke Dahlhaus as free agent (CONFIRMED & OFFICIAL 5 Oct)

    I could wear a front half built around dahl/menz/rohan/hawk/Sav and JJ. Threatening in the air, pressure on the ground with some finishing power. Dahl and Rohan are both great pressure players but neither has been accused of excessive class which is why i think Menz still has a place(assuming...
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    List Mgmt. Tim Kelly remains a Cat for 2019

    torn. 3 out of the tip 25 should get at least one long termer... But we dont get much exposure to the top end of the draft and be interesting to see what wells could do given some real buying power.
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    What players need to take the next step for us to compete for a flag

    Small forwards and whoever gets thrown rucking duties. They are our major weaknesses IMO. If Hawkins gets hurt or slows down add KPF to the list.
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    Welcome CONFIRMED - Nathan Kreuger to join Geelong (pick 42 to Carlton)

    Maybe the smart thing to do would be to trade out our high picks for a swathe of 30's and let well's get to work. :think:
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    Welcome CONFIRMED - Nathan Kreuger to join Geelong (pick 42 to Carlton)

    Im gonna take abig drink of hopium and say that Rustbucket and Freddy will turn into a seriously dynamic front half.
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    Welcome CONFIRMED - Nathan Kreuger to join Geelong (pick 42 to Carlton)

    I watched his mixtapes... and im impressed. Kicking action is decent, but he's got real wheels for a big guy. My favorite thing is how fast he gets his eyes up after taking possession every single time. See how he goes i guess but defo worth 42.
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