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    2021 Rd 1 - Best 22

    Wicks was brilliant yesterday. Our first goal wouldn't have happened if not for Wicks' shepherd, allowing Rowbottom to get his kick away. Horse loves those things (so do I), so I reckon Horse will pick him for Round 1. The draftees, Campbell, Gulden and McDonald I doubt will all debut in Round...
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    Training 2021 Pre-season Training

    Sydney media think Swans fans are all Eastern Suburbs Mahvellous Dahling types who have NFI about footy. That's because Sydney media are constituted by North Shore Mahvellous Dahling types who have NFI about footy. Melbourne media don't give a toss about interstate teams, and Robbo wants a...
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    Toast New guernsey numbers - OP Updated for 2021

    I'm all in favour of honouring Goodesy but in practice I don't think it will work. Hopefully we will have an indigenous player in the future with multiple Brownlows, Norm Smiths, and Premierships who will elevate his own number x up there with 14 and 37. The player might want to keep his own...
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    Mega Thread Get Stuffed McGuire The Swans Bigfooty Podcast (All Eddie angst, rants go in here)

    You could perhaps put all the "isms" aside and look at it from a competence perspective. What he did in the press conference was phenomenally stupid. Does Collingwood want someone with such fundamentally poor judgment as its President?
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    Training 2021 Pre-season Training

    Auto correct is never one's friend :smilev1:
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    No Oppo Supporters 2021 General AFL Discussion

    Piss weak. F knuckles like Eddie and Gill live by "the optics". But they're too stupid to realise that the optics they present are those of weakness, lack of leadership, and an egregious desperation to avoid responsibility. They both would do so much better by facing the problem, owning it, and...
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    Player Watch #20 Sam Reid

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    Training 2021 Pre-season Training

    Last year was a mess in so many ways. On the one hand, a long injury list meant that there was little pressure for places. On the other, a player out of form could not find it in any reserve grade as it did not exist. I suspect Hayward's stints in the backline were the alternative to dropping...
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    News 2021 Fixture

    Those first six games will be interesting. I reckon 4-2 would be good - losses to Richmond and Brisbane, wins v GWS, Adelaide, GC and Essendon. Might even give the Lions a shake. Suns at Metricon will be close I feel.
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals - Part 2 (The 2020 Draft) He is the utility who can change a game with a goal from the boundary or a run down tackle and...
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals - Part 2 (The 2020 Draft)

    Pick 3 - Sydney - Malachy Carruthers (Sturt) Who is he?
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    Training 2021 Pre-season Training

    "Dane, get down off that pole right now." "Dane, no, we are following the path around the chains"
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    Training 2021 Pre-season Training

    I was U12-14 so it was herding cats
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    Training 2021 Pre-season Training

    The idea is that each player touches the footy at least 100 times during each training session. I had the boys about 15 m apart and they were to do the technically best kick they could do, focussing on the ball drop so that they practised good skills. But getting teenagers to concentrate and not...
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals - Part 2 (The 2020 Draft)

    Peter Gabriel preparing for draft night.