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  • to get used to the site, watch some other sports on the site.
    This will get you used to the links, which links are better quality....
    Get used to the bloody pop ups lol
    Some links, for some sports will have a HD link.
    NRL always has a HD link, and it is HD
    That's how i watch Melb Storm games :)
    Dadda Dave
    Dadda Dave
    Cheers for all that info !!
    Your a good man FB your posts and quotes too.
    Forever Blue
    Forever Blue
    Same mate :)
    Forever Blue
    Forever Blue
    if by next season the afl has put a stop to the afl link on this site, i have others we can use.
    Basically we are watching from espn UK and Spain.
    Watched a game in hd once, but the commentary was in Spanish lol
    still better than listening to bruce and bt :)
    I have my computer hooked up 24/7 to my tv, so my tv is the monitor.
    So i have only ever watched on my tv.
    BF on a 65" is a bit much, but that's what i do lol
    I stream all my tv shows from overseas, rarely watch free to air.
    project free tv is my go to tv site
    gameday i have game and BF split on TV so i can watch game and comment on BF lol
    Dadda Dave
    Dadda Dave
    That's awsome ! Watch him free to air on my phone via the free for Telstra customers afl live app and find it very difficult to keep up on game day thread . I wonder if chrome cast will work with that link you gave me .the live afl app doesn't..
    Forever Blue
    Forever Blue
    Not sure mate, but worth a try :)

    Here is the site I use every year to watch AFL games live.
    All you need is a good internet speed (I have NBN)
    A good computer security (I have Norton)
    Be ready to close pop ups, running Ad blocker plus helps.

    Choose a link with the best picture, and doesn't buffer.
    Picture is mostly better than SD, but not quite HD........and its free.

    You will get all JLT preseason games too.
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