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  • well so did i to be honest, but at the same time hawthorn are pretty bad this year.

    It was a solid win though, that last quarter was some of the best football I've seen you guys play this year! :thumbsu:
    really, not my form on that hideous topic before?

    I only tipped them because I picked a bunch of upsets this week. My own team included. Happy with 3/5 so far althought it would've been nice if another unlikely upset had gotten up like Adelaide.
    lol... what was your first clue?

    pretty embarrassing night all round.

    Ah well at least I picked the bombers, bet not many of my fellow tipsters managed that feat! :thumbsu:
    i havent reported anything that hasnt been said on aflq website. those players players have all been signed and posted on aspley website. so i dont know what your talking about?
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