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    Streaming The Boys (Amazon)

    He carried that criminally underrated show Banshee for years too. Epic ep, absolutely awesome. The A Train dealing with Blue Hawk was brutal too, right after he finally genuinely showed remorse for Huey’s girlfriends death too, wonder if he’s ok..
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    Arctic Monkeys

    Yeah that sold out quick too, except for lawn tix which I’m not interested in - god it’s such a s**t venue the music bowl, wish they were playing somewhere else.
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    50 - 1 Paul McCartney

    His show in 2017 at AAMI park was the best concert I’ve ever been to. 40 songs, 3 hours plus, and the atmosphere in the stadium before and during was awesome, lots of people who’d been waiting their...
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    Streaming The Netflix Thread

    Hustle was pretty good yeah, enjoyed it. I finished S3 of Love, Death & Robots - hit and miss as usual but I think an improvement on S2 overall. Liked the last 2 eps best.
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    Streaming The Boys (Amazon)

    She used to be pretty! I can’t stop looking at her stupid Botox now lol.
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    Arctic Monkeys

    Anyone have any luck getting tickets to the Jan concert at music bowl? Neither my mate or I could get any, sold out in minutes.
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    Socceroos World Cup Qualifier Intercontinental Play-Off Peru V Australia

    The melts in this thread when Redmayne starts his wiggle dance are ******* hilarious! Hahaha what a day Aussies well done!
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    FTA-TV Have You Been Paying Attention?

    Very strong debut so far - he’s great!
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    Movie What's the last movie you saw? (6)

    I watched this today on Netflix. Very good. There’s apparently enough food for everyone but the top levels gorge themselves while the bottom suffer, and how far down does it go? Then you change levels each month. Lots of metaphors going on in this one with society today, but the different...
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    Game Day RND 13 - Carlton v Essendon Game Day Discussion

    ******* Brian Taylor!!! Ughhh just go away!
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    FTA-TV Which TV shows are you watching now.

    Try Fawlty Towers now😂 Sexist, racist and still bloody hilarious all these years on!
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    Streaming Fleabag

    It actually won a swag of Emmys, was very popular o/seas but yeah didn’t catch on in Australia for some reason.
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    BigFooty Death List 2022 : Host - GreyCrow

    Not dead so….wrong thread! BUT…came across someone today who I thought surely would’ve died last century. Henry Kissinger. Commenting on Putin in a news article. He’s 99 years old and still kicking, couldn’t believe it.
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    Movie What's the last movie you saw? (6)

    Saw Maverick today. Bloody entertaining, loved it. 8.5/10
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    Streaming Fleabag

    It’s brilliant, deserved all the awards - ruder than I expected going into it too haha.