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    Opinion Bailey Williams is better than number 1 pick - Andrew Mcgrath

    100/1 for Norm Smith. Midfield could well cancel each other out and leave it to a frolicking defender off half back to take control of the game. I backed Lakey at 100/1 and it was a thing of beauty watching the last quarter vs Freo. Reckon this bloke explodes in the GF and I’ll be having small...
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    4 players

    Declan Hamilton, the peoples eyebrow. Thought he had something, alas he did not.
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    Gary Ayres Medal 2021

    Just posted this exact solution in another thread - it’s a very simple and elegant fix. Only the best 3 scores from a player count.
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    AFL Grand Final AFL 2021 GRAND FINAL - Demons v Dogs Sat September 15th 7:15pm EST / 5:15pm WST (Optus) 🏆

    Surely, they should make it only your 3 top rated finals game scores from each player count to the medal! Simple fix and takes away the farcical situation the medal is in now.
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    Unofficial Preview Grand Final vs the Dishlickers - Opposition Supporters Welcome (Banter thread)

    As much as I’m trying, I just can’t not like you pr*cks. It’s so f*cking annoying! Can a few of you get your sh*t together and start preemptively blaming umpires, claiming our 2016 flag as fraudulent? On a side note Petracca is a god it’s hard to explain but he has these sort of mottled arm...
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    Discussion Random Discussion (No Politics, Religion) - SHOW CHIN PASSPORT ON ENTRY

    Mustn’t be that good an ad if you think it was for NAB. Pretty sure it’s a google ad😂
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    Analysis Chicago's lucky meals

    Love that Chicago, all the best mate👍
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    Roast Where is our president? Where is Kylie?

    Regardless of what impact it has on the result there is no way the AFL should have allowed Port a home final when the state is not accomodating us to us. Absolutely disgraceful treatment.
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    Game Day Preliminary Final - Melbourne v Geelong, Friday 10 September, 7:50pm AEST, Optus Stadium

    Good luck tonight lads and ladettes…………..will be cheering heartily for you!
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 2nd Preliminary Final - Port v Dogs Sat September 11th 7:40pm EST / 7:10pm CST (AO)

    We’ve flipped the narrative from being the hunted to the hunters and I really think it sits with us better. There is justifiably a massive weight of expectation on Port to perform here, it could become their Achilles heel!
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    What They're Saying - The Bulldogs Media Thread - Part 3

    Haha. To be fair they had been speaking about Oliver just before speaking of Libba describing them as similar before the question of who do you send to him was asked. I agree it seemed odd, but I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t who Guthrie plays for😂
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    Injury Medical Sub - the first integrity check

    Dogs medicos are saying they were concerned of damage to the jaw not concussion. He’s been cleared of structural damage so should be good to go👍
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    Preview Changes for the Prelim v Port Adelaide - Sat @7:40

    Just watched the replay, got goosebumps and screamed “carn you f*cking Doggies” at the end again😂
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    The Bulldogs and Umpires: Time for a Royal Commission?

    As I said mate, you should quit while you’re behind. Somehow you’ve regressed further from incoherent drivel😂
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    The Bulldogs and Umpires: Time for a Royal Commission?

    The western bulldog are soccer fanatic floppers, now I’ve read it all. You know precisely zero about the demographics of the western suburbs of Melbourne. Despite your post not deserving a response in the first place, I’ll politely point out to you that 95% of our players are not from the...