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    Discussion Logo Discussion Thread

    They need to bring back that logo that was just a picture of three dudes, iconic.
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    Discussion West Coast to Wear Sekem Made Jumpers in Early 2021

    Looks like that same Sekem collar to me.
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    Discussion Prison Bars debate

    Jesus, this guy is still about? His bit kinda loses its charm when you are fully grown man.
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    Poll Adelaide Suburban Football League - Round 5

    Love the new Taperoo guernsey, could have waited until next round to debut it though imo :p
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    Discussion Prison Bars debate

    Won DOTY actually. Possibly my favourite design I've seen on the board.
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    Workshop Jumper Ideas for 2022

    I don't think so, that can of worms has been open for a couple of weeks now.
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    Discussion Soccer/Association Football New Kits

    Really? I reckon their set this year are all fantastic, particularly the away and third shirts. Puma overall are probably my brand of the season this year with so many banging shirts (Palmeiras home, Marseille away, Dortmund Home and the neon, and the City kits I've mentioned). But this...
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    Multiplat FIFA 21

    Also, don’t really know why, but I was able to pick up the pink kit there on the market for 11k instead of 25k. Perhaps people are happy to pay the 300 fifa points for 10k or so coins rather than keeping the kit. If the kits remain desirable this is pretty much a way that EA can sell people...
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    Multiplat FIFA 21

    This to me says that they are expecting and planning for a time when they aren't allowed to sell packs anymore.
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    Discussion Prison Bars debate

    I don't believe they were actually deducted points as part of their punishment. I know they weren't allowed to play finals, but I believe they kept their points.
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    Multiplat FIFA 21

    Played WL for the first time last weekend since I think like October. Haven't really played the game all that much in like a month but somehow managed to to scrape gold 3. All I wanted was to get one of the Norwich boys (would have even been stoked with a Krul), just opened up my reds and got...
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    Discussion Prison Bars debate

    If Collingwood kick up a stink about the bars, I can't wait to see what the ever-reasonable Essendon would have to say if we wanted to wear West Adelaide's jumper!