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    Training Apples' Training Threads 2018/19

    Calm down bro! Not sure why the club need to Tweet a bloke's injury status the minute they know about it. Sure, crack the shits of they try to pretend like a hammy off the bone injury is "hamstring tightness", but they are under no obligation to us as fans to bang pots and pans about a bloke's...

    Status in Question Alex Fasolo fractures his arm in an incident

    Fas should consult his old mates Jordan De Goey and Jeremy Howe for some kick ass excuses before making further comment.

    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    Both him and Maynard have proven they can lock down smalls and also go through the mifield. Great problem to have! Aish also not bad at half forward (although his set shooting needs some work). Both easily starting 22 for mine.

    Player Watch Brayden Sier

    I hope he Sierns quickly too!

    Training Apples' Training Threads 2018/19


    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Will Kelly

    Jack Regan is our GOAT fullback, but certainly disrespectful all the same.

    List Mgmt. 2018 Draft thread.

    FWIW Pyeman from EB&W who attends a heap of TAC games, rated Isaac and Will about where they were taken and quite likes Atu too. If we ranked Isaac and Will in the top 20, then we effectively got a top 8 finishing Brownlow medalist 2018, two top 20 ranked players and a late punt, all for the...

    List Mgmt. 2018 Draft thread.

    Funny to see the tin foil hat wearers thinking that GWS are doing it out of spite!

    Player Watch Sam McLarty

    Sadly for McLarty, he is an old fashioned lumbering ruck / forward in the mould of Cam Cloke (only minus the attitude). Never saw why the recruiters thought he might be a KP player at AFL level. He didn't even show potential as that in VFL! Great kid though! If I were Port Melbourne, I'd be...
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    Welcome Welcome to Collingwood Mark Keane

    Cork is a tough accent, but you'll probably have more luck understanding Danish than those in Cork's neighbouring county Kerry!
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    Player Watch Nathan Murphy

    Height is just one part of the equation. Strength and balance are others. Hogan and Curnow? They are strong KP types. Birchall and Andrejs Everitt are/were just as tall, but were flankers. Murphy will likely remain a flanker no matter what his height.
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    List Mgmt. 2016 Collingwood draft period re-visited

    Long term definitely. Not a slight on Stewart who has been an excellent mature aged pick up.
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    List Mgmt. 2016 Collingwood draft period re-visited

    Bolton was the one I wanted at 30, but we were just pipped by the Tuggers at 29. On exposed form, Ratugolea is the bloke post-30 who I'd want the most.
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    Player Watch Tom Jok

    Really? I actually think his kicking is one of his better attributes, along with the ability to rip in a freakish mark with some degree of consistency. It's most of the rest of his game that I don't rate highly. Can only be a flanker type in the AFL for his size and will get bossed around...
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