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    NFL 2021 NFL - Divisional Weekend

    When Georgia moved the team from Anaheim to St Louis it broke my heart and turned me off the NFL for a long time. Funny thing is I thought my passion for the Rammers would be rekindled when Stan brought the team back, but it just isn't the same - I do follow the Rams again but I don't live and...
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Divisional Weekend

    (Just finished watching the early game straight off night shift...) Money MacPherson walks it off and THE BENGALS SHOCK THE WORLD!!!!!! You little ripper!!!! Another learning curve for Joe Cool 2. Got to learn to throw it away on 3rd down and in FG range. WHO DEY!!!!!!!!
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Wild Card Weekend

    What a great way to bookend the Wild Card weekend. The Bengals finally ending the 31 year playoff victory drought. I didn't realize it had been that long...Cincy were relatively successful when I 1st started following them...2 AFC championships (and 2 heart breaking losses to San Francisco)...
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 18

    WTF are you doing taking a time out there? You do realize that the San Diego Super Chokers don't get the ball back if the Rayderz ain't college.
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    Teams Washington Football Team - Hog Heaven ™

    Will they be the Washington Admirals? Rumours seem to be suggesting it is the case.
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    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 16

    I played a lot of baseball growing up & we would "call off the dogs" once we got 10 runs up. First we stopped stealing bases and pinch hitting, and then rested the starters in the late innings. It can come back to hurt you though...we played a final once where the opposition led 10-0 after 5...
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    Which club's supporters whinge about umpires the most?

    The top 2 would be... 2nd. Western Bulldog supporters =1st Supporters of ALL other clubs the week they play the Western Bulldogs Apparently the Bulldogs have never won a game legitimately. Every win has been gifted by the AFL via their umpiring fraternity.
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    Slang terminology for the drive to Geelong?

    Always called it the trip to "Sleepy Hollow".
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    Game #2 Geography - Cities, suburbs and Countries

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    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 15

    Good win by the Muttons considering most of the roster are recovering from the plague. Poor little Russ had 99 problems...
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    WRFL Div 1 discussion 2022

    Remainder of fixture released tomorrow.
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    Game #2 Geography - Cities, suburbs and Countries

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    Game #2 Geography - Cities, suburbs and Countries

    Little Rock