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  • hey mate, would you be up for a drafting game that we do on the Adelaide board? All you have to do is register interest on our sub forum, The Backyard. Cheers
    A frog goes into a bank and walks up to the tellers window ..The teller says " Hi my name's Paddy Wack , How may i help you today ? "
    The frog replys " Hello i would like a loan of $30,000...I'm a mate of the bank manager and my fathers Mick Jagger "
    The teller then asks " well thats a lot of money and we would need some collateral for a loan of that size you have any ? "
    The frogs holds up a small pink elephant and says "all i have is this "
    The teller takes the small elephant and goes to the managers office .
    She says to the manager "theres a frog out there who says he's a mate of yours and he claims to be Mick Jaggers son , he wants a loan of $30,000 and all he has for collateral is this " she holds the elephant up and asks " what is it ? "
    The manager looks at her and says " Thats a knick knack Paddy Wack , give the frog a loan , His old mans a rolling stone ! "
    what have I missed in the SFA? How many awards have I got? How much did gumbies win the flag by?
    Beez said it was on your profile, then pm'ed me when he realised you'd taken it down.
    Good stuff on the Online Dating thread; Gus' BigFooty Persona knocked down a peg IMO. Just a little though.
    Yep, but bonce said qooty didn't give him all the stats.
    Took the time to go through and count and had 30 (ish)
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