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    2021 NON AFL Thread - finance, ratings, participation etc.

    31 million isn't just over half the UK population, it's actually about 46% (based on mid-2020 population estimate), which to be fair is still a very large audience. The hype about England being in the final no doubt drew in plenty of casual viewers who normally wouldn't watch.
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    Grand Slam US Open 2021

    He can borrow the old Jim Richards line "you're a pack of arseholes!"
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    Grand Slam US Open 2021

    They're never gonna support a Russian.
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    Game Day 2021 Finals Matchday Supernova End of days thread

    Couldn't believe people here thinking Port would win in a canter. Port were favourites, but c'mon people.
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    Old SANFL commentators

    60s/70s Wally May, Max Hall, Ian Aitken, Ian Day, Gerry Harrison, Sandy Roberts 80s Peter Marker, Ian Day, Bruce McAvaney, Robert Oatey As others have mentioned, guys like Graeme Campbell, Rick Keegan and Max Stevens were involved with hosting or ground level duties. There are probably a few...
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    Unique or obscure music you like

    What do you get if you mix sleazy spoken work French vocals, nifty guitar licks, a cool beat, orchestral flourishes and backing choir? Something perhaps only Serge Gainsbourg could have come up with: the album Histoire de Melody Nelson. He isn't exactly an unknown, but probably isn't on too many...
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    India Tour of England 2021

    All over, what a capitulation by England on the final day. Poor captaincy by Root and then little resolve in the batting to save the match. India too good.
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    50m Penalties - Why

    50 m penalty was brought in to replace the 15 m penalty because teams were deliberately conceding them or smashing players and all they lost was 15 m. The key word there was 'replace', all of a sudden the rules commitee and umpiring fraternity decided that ANY infringement on the mark was worth...
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    Weird football scores

    It's the first time a team has gone goalless since West Torrens kicked 0.8 in 1913.
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    Review Good/Bad vs Port Adelaide - Rd 21

    You need your eyes checked, he made horrible ball handling errors in the first half, one of which resulted in a near goal.
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    Review Good/Bad vs Port Adelaide - Rd 21

    Good Shoenberg Jones The backs were generally very good (except for McPherson) Massive effort from the team in a difficult week Bad Murphy -did nothing Thilthorpe -will be good, but mostly a non-entity today (bad delivery does him no favours) Still handballing to stationary players and over...
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    Game Day Showdown - yay?

    Himmelberg is useless, more like Hindenberg
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    Game Day Showdown - yay?

    We are great at wasting opportunities with terrible skills. Seedsman's kick was pathetic.
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    TV Untitled series set in Lord of the Rings universe

    The Drinker's take:
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    TV NETFLIX - " Masters Of The Universe: Revelation "

    Kevin Smith seems to be getting plenty of heat for this and rightly so. Blatantly mislead people about the content and can't handle getting called out on it. Watched 2 episodes and that's enough (watched the Critical Drinker's video and saw what happens). Sarah Michelle Gellar, great as Buffy...