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  • Yeah mate. Changed man indeed. Light beer only now after 6 months off it all together. GF now and she keeps a pretty tight ship so I have to abide or I swim. hahaha! Nah she is the reason I have made these changes mate. I have dropped a bit of weight and not swilling from a beer trough like I used to. And to tell you the truth, I doubted myself. Didn't think I would ever get out of that rutt but someone is smiling down on me cos I am out of it and looking forward to pulling the boots on next season in the 2s.
    Come on, it is boring, through my line of work its my job to find out :) I dont mind a bit of fun and without posting it to the world we all knew that there were a few blokes not worth it when they are under the pump. If Shaun stays on then they wont be near the place, he was ropeable about some efforts on Saturday and 1 in particular who wont be here next year. I'm still not sure where you are coming from with Shaun, good bloke who loves footy, you have butted heads at some stage i guess. Pyramid and $$$ its the only way anyone will play here just got to get the right mix, it will be closer next year. Cheers
    Does it really matter who i am, what will that change?
    Most of what i post is right with some added sarcasim.
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