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  • I feel like I'm catching up on something that everyone else probably knows, but I decided to give the old man's "Shaved Fish" LP a whirl, hit "#9 Dream" which shamefully I'd never heard before (lord knows how) and the penny dropped as to where your name came from.

    That is, assuming it comes from there. If it didn't, ignore the rantings of the retrograde madman.
    Best avatar ever. Arctic Monkeys circa-acne were the best. When you hit 18, start going to pubs, and generally relate to WPSIA, life gets immeasurably better. "I'm sorry officer, is there an age you're s'posed to be? 'Cos nobody... told me"
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    Silent Alarm
    You listen to it daily? My favourite four or five records are once-a-year things. I don't want to burn them out, and it adds to the whole listening experience.

    Just those lyrics of going out, coming home empty handed, even getting kicked out of nightclub lines... That record just makes it way more romantic, I guess. That's why it resonated with so many people.
    Silent Alarm
    Oh, and you are 17, right? You should come grab a beer or twelve with Gibbsy and I next year.
    My birthday's in October, but definitely - Gibbsy seems like a top guy. You're currently in Perth, yeah?
    You are not the only Essendon supporter who wants a silver guernsey with a black sash as a clash guernsey. You think there's any chance that Essendon will ever do something like that?
    Nah, they refuse to wear a clash which even features their two primary colours right now, and members were pretty pissed off when that got announced, they were even less in favour of the other two which while still baring the red and black colours, were not sash designs.
    I'm stalking you :)

    Just joking. I was reading a thread and you were talking about The Beatles. I'm only 29, but I am a complete Beatles tragic. It appears we have similair taste in music!
    Don't let me down, don't let me down.
    Don't let me down, don't let me down.

    Nobody ever loved me like she do me,
    Ooh she do me, yeah she does.
    And if somebody ever really loved me,
    Ooh she'd love me, yeah she does.

    Don't let me down, don't let me down.
    Don't let me down, don't let me down.

    I'm in love for the first time.
    Don't you know it's gonna last.
    It's a love that lasts forever,
    It's a love that has no past.

    Don't let me down, don't let me down.
    Don't let me down, don't let me down.

    And from the first time that she really done me,
    Ooh she done me, she done me good.
    I guess nobody ever really done me,
    Ooh like she done me, she done me good.

    Don't let me down, don't let me down, please.
    Don't let me down, don't let me down, please.

    Ow! Don't let me down
    Don't let me down
    Don't let me down.
    Can't you see, can't you see?
    That when I tell you that I love you, oh,
    You're gonna say you love me too, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, oh,
    And when I ask you to be mine,
    You're gonna say you love me too.
    For the benefit of Mr. Kite
    There will be a show tonight on trampoline
    The Hendersons will all be there
    Late of Pablo Fanque's Fair, what a scene
    Over men and horses hoops and garters
    Lastly through a hogshead of real fire!
    In this way Mr. K. will challenge the world!
    The celebrated Mr. K.
    Performs his feat on Saturday at Bishopsgate
    The Hendersons will dance and sing
    As Mr. Kite flies through the ring don't be late
    Messrs. K. and H. assure the public
    Their production will be second to none
    And of course Henry The Horse dances the waltz-!
    The band begins at ten to six
    When Mr. K. performs his tricks without a sound
    And Mr. H. will demonstrate
    Ten somersets he'll undertake on solid ground
    Having been some days in preparation
    A splendid time is guaranteed for all
    And tonight Mr. Kite is topping the bill!
    It was seriously unbelievable.

    I'll check it out and watch what you were doing. Seriously was craaazy though. I thought we were done when they got a flag back late as well.
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