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  • Did you ever do the Bendigo 150?

    I thought mum taught Hayden. He was one of the students she'd mention a bit.

    Did you have a younger bro called Rohan?
    Kanga Glory
    Kanga Glory
    No, my surname is Cullen .
    Only Acc. Later got into professional athletics. I was actually athletics champion in year 11
    I used to get into athletics. Br Hetherington got me into hurdling. I still remember the way Mugga used to run the 3 k at the ACC. He'd be in the leading pack, come around the last bend into the final straight and the St Bernards section would erupt with that chant - "Go Mugga Go" - he'd take off and sprint to the finish line in what was usually a great victory.

    He was inspirational.
    46 now, 47 in October.

    My mum taught Hayden, I'm pretty sure. Biology teacher at the senior school. Dr Pauline Sharma.

    Hayden was a few years older than me, but we were in cross country teams together. Dunno if he did the Bendigo 150 or not tho.

    I didn't really know him well outside of running.

    Were you in Mugga Mulkearns' year? Paul Hamilton, Paul Goelz, Rodney Day... I remember those guys.
    Kanga Glory
    Kanga Glory
    No I didn't get taught by your mum so I don't think Hayden did either.
    I do know Peter mulkearns also , we were both into athletics

    I was at the junior school in 82/3.

    Wonder if I know her. Its a struggle to remember the teachers that far back tho. Except Miss Brennan. She was full on. Kind of hot tho.
    Kanga Glory
    Kanga Glory
    How old are you.?
    As I said I went to school with Hayden so I am 50
    Yeah. Did year 12 in 1987.

    My mum taught there.

    Bet you can guess who.
    Kanga Glory
    Kanga Glory
    Gee's mate long time ago so you may need to refresh me!

    Funny you say this as my mum also taught at the junior school for a few years !!
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