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  • Gday mate...just wanted to belatedly say how kick ass the set at Falls was. Nearly ruined my day after using up all my energy so early on haha. Great start to a great festival. Cheers
    Gday Falls Tix today, pumped to come check you guys out live...keep an eye out for me, Ill be the pissed guy in the crowd haha :-D
    Oh and by the way, I got the album and shirt pack from JB online, and it's quite awesome! Enjoying the listen. (and even though I ended up getting a medium shirt when I requested large! :p) Good to see plenty of people are supporting you guys!
    No way, I wish I knew! Thanks anyway man... Sorry to hear you had to go back to Sydney for a funeral, must have been a busy day! I ended up getting paid a bit by Friday but it was sold out when I jumped online to buy tickets. Will have to catch you guys next time. I hope the tour was awesome fun and you sold plenty of merch!
    OI! Could you put me on the door at your East Brunswick show? I have -$22 in my account at the moment. BUT I could buy you stuff at Shell. :p
    You and your band were awesome at Grinners man, I mean we were. ;) Keep up the good work. :D
    I see your band is supports for Yves Klein Blue? I should be able to check you guys out. :thumbsu:
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