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  • I know, I know. I'm s**t at remembering to hop over to TAE. I will try and get on within the week.
    LOL TBH I completely forgot.:(

    My memory is s**t so I can never remember sites to go to apart from this and a couple of others, need to get it as my special I come.;)
    No hard feelings whatsoever. If I took things said here seriously, I'd be in a psychiatric ward, methinks. However, when the Shagons play your mob, don't expect me to go lightly :D
    Yeah no sweat, I'm having a bit of fun there. Most of what you've said is true, and it all comes down to "friendly banter".
    doggies, HP is Scruffy, ELF is Shano but one of the most active players in the league here (very similar to BK). That's just off the top of my head
    Reaction = RECEIVED :D.

    Nah you're cool, you go for West Coast. HBK thinks he's getting a root from you so you might want to let him down without hurting his feelings ;).
    Hey Nessy, do you know what's going on with TAE? Keeps giving me a Bandwidth Exceeded note. Is it coming back? (Don't know if you will know or not)
    lol Sure is.

    I decided to troll Carlton last night here on Bay13 and my beautiful wonderful thread got deleted. :eek: The Carlton mods must have had the sads about it. :eek:
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