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  • Sorry about the delay... had to get past probation before I could reply... I think

    There are a couple of options here.
    1) If you have an iPhone or iPad you can subscribe to the ALF streaming service. I think it is $5 per match or $50 for every game. You will need a Telstra service for this. Once you set this up you can go to an Apple shop and buy a HDMI adapter for you iPhone/Pad. This allows you to plug into most modern TVs and PC screens.
    This is the method I use... The service is a little unreliable but ok

    2) Is a little more complicated.
    You will need to set up a proxy service in order to mask your IP Address. If you google proxy services you should be ok.

    Then you need to subscribe to this site

    The reason you need to mask your IP address is that live streaming on the net is only available outside Australia.

    You may want to set up a dodgey PayPal account too with an overseas address as the billing address.

    Hope this helps

    Hey Nuffers

    I was reading your post where you talked about being able to get Live Footy streamed legally.

    Like the sound of that and was wondering if you can let me know how its done.
    Im not overly technical so if it is complicated can you please go through it step by step.

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