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  • Hey mate
    Don't take anything I have to say to heart. As you said, it's the Bay.
    I really only get seriously involved in the Hawks / Cats shift fights because to me this is my biggest rivalry. You blokes are a great bunch of blokes, and I just enjoy stirring the pot.
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    Exactly mate if I didn't respect your club I wouldn't try and have laugh. I rarely if ever have the same banter with Melb, Dogs etc not worth it. I'm actually surprised that both sets of fans are still bring the BS after so many threads on the bay.
    bartel magic
    bartel magic
    You just nailed it PM.....if I didn't care, I wouldn't engage. In my mind, this is the greatest era my club has ever gone through, and it's your guys who are our greatest rivals......respect

    If anyone PM's you, can you let me know what you hear.

    Im so devastated tonight. Drove across the country for Geelong and Bulldogs games, at least the players tried.

    Finally next week they are on my home turf and have no idea what they will put in against the Weagles.

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