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    2018 non-freo nonsense (aka discussion)

    Anyone else bothered by the Dons handing out life membership to Goddard just to hose down his public sooking, despite only playing 5 seasons for them, while Dale Kickett is still not a Freo lifer?
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    Toast Fremantle's 2nd 2018 National Draft Pick: Luke Valente [Pick #32]

    The obvious rejoinder here is would they have been better players if they had also been quicker: Yes. The best players are kind of irrelevant. It's more the average ones, which most players are. Are you more likely to succeed in modern footy with average pace but goodish touch and play reading...
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    2019 Training Reports

    I can shoehorn my obsession with the Landgate historical imagery into any situation.
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    2019 Training Reports

    Inspection of the historical aerial photos suggests the site has been bushland for it's entire history bar a brief period in the 60's when it was cleared for what was presumably agriculture. Looks like they gave up quickly as by the 70's it was overgown again and remained bushland till the...
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    New list manager

    Absolutely not. Not having had the sense to remove that part from his CV, maybe.
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    Mega Thread 2019 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    Tucker is not an onballer and never will be. He has a contested to uncontested ratio of under 0.3 for a reason and it's not because the match committee have been playing him out of position for 3 years.
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    List Mgmt. Ross the Boss

    Duffield is a good writer (style and ability to communicate). He is very well connected, knows whats happening and has an excellent understanding of footy politics and footy people. As an analyst of the game at a technical level he is poor, and just imagines he is otherwise because he possess...
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    Toast Fremantle's 2nd 2018 National Draft Pick: Luke Valente [Pick #32]

    I think he slid because he's a inside mid only. There is only room for 1, or 2 at an absolute max, pure inside midfielders who can't rotate forward or back in a side because of the limitations imposed by a cap on rotations. Put another way you have to be elite to survive now in the AFL in that...
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    Pick 14

    If we pass then we have 39 main list spots filled equals 5 rookie spots plus cat B. If he is bid on between us passing and the end of the main draft we simply use that spot to match and revert to 4 rookies.
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    Pick 14

    I think we will definitely pass at 65 if Carter hasn't been bid on yet. He will only be listed main list if he is then bid on after that. If no bid comes he automatically becomes a Cat B rookie and you can edit your post to include an extra Cat A rookie.
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    List Mgmt. 2018 draft/Young Talent time

    Its a mistake from a Twomey article that has got replicated everywhere. He himself has since published articles with a much lower weight. On the draft machine he is 65kg.
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    Opposition Camp Former Freo player watch

    I reckon we can be 99.99 % certain that if a player walks away from a contract then best case they won't be eligible till one year after their contract would otherwise have expired. I also expect a further clarification that if a player leaves at the end of their contract when a club wanted to...
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    Opposition Camp Former Freo player watch

    They've put out a clarification via their media ANALYSIS: How the new rookie rule will change football - Only thing that's not addressed is what happens when a player delists themselves. You'd assume it...
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    Opposition Camp Former Freo player watch

    He was contacted for 2016. Even before this Clarke and Mumford business there was precedent for that situation: remember Geelong had to trade for Clark and he had been out for a year and a half. The Mal Michael rule. However had Cam sat out 2017 as well then I suppose he would have been a free...
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