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    Game Day 2021 AFL Grand Final - Melbourne v Western Bulldogs, Saturday 25 September, 7:15pm AEST, Optus Stadium

    I reckon the main board thread is a better read. A lot more posts due to the neutrals in there, watching everyone go mental during our third quarter burst is great to go back over.
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    Membership Watch 2021

    My 2022 pack just arrived. Comes with a '2021 Premiership Member' badge which I really love - will be pinned on the scarf alongside the 2020 Member badge.
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    News Former Dee Cameron Johnston makes NFL debut

    Michael Dickson is an aussie too. Two players with most punts are Australian.
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    Prediction Best and Fairest, 2021

    They're all winners 🌈
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    Official Club Stuff 2022 Membership Thread - 50,000 members in record time! - 2/12

    Quick one guys - does the "Insider" pack come with a membership scarf? Thinking of buying it for my sister as a Christmas gift. She's never been a member so I thought the 150 year would be a nice time to buy her one. She doesn't attend many games (and goes MCC with friends when she does) so it's...
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    News Former Dee Cameron Johnston makes NFL debut

    Cam plays for the Texans now, and they are crap so he is punting a lot. He is one of the best punters in the league and is currently leading voting to be the AFC punter in the Pro Bowl. Cam signed a 3-year, $8 million deal with the Texans. $3m is guaranteed so far, his signing bonus + 2021...
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    2021 Formula One Season: Championship Decider Abu Dhabi - Verstappen Wins in a Controversial Race! 🏆 🍾

    What a ridiculous way to end the season. ,
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    Preview Round 1, 2022 v The Western™️ (TBC)

    Hate the time slot but if we win at least then I can spend the whole rest of the round being smug
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade, FA and Draft Chat

    We might never lose again
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade, FA and Draft Chat

    Love the pick, haven't been across this draft but he was one player in our range that I had my eyes on. Fits perfectly for when guys like May and McDonald get into their 30s, or if Weideman just doesn't develop any further.
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade, FA and Draft Chat

    If I could take pick Oliver or have my choice of any other player from the 2015, 16 or 17 drafts, i'd still take Oliver.
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    Racing Melbourne Cup 2021 - Dedicated Raceday thread

    Don't know sh*t about horse racing, dropped a load on Incentivise, serves me right. Back to betting on footy only 🥴
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    Roast DeGoey Arrested in NYC

    If you think assault means someone has 'character' then you need to get your head checked.
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    Player Watch #36 Kozzy Pickett - Pick 12

    Pickett had such a quiet GF that he almost feels a bit forgotten in my mind, which is just mental. He has the talent to be one of the most damaging players in the whole bloody competition, not just our club. His continued improvement is what is a key reason i'm optismistic about more flags...