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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Good win but really deflating losing Berry. She has seriously improved and been huge for us this year. Wishing her a speedy recovery!
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Are we due for any more expansion clubs soon? Pretty tired of our players being recruited to new teams.
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Looking forward to the season starting on Friday night. Finally some footy!! Carn the doggies!
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Welcome Katie! Glad to see someone actually traded into our team rather than just more draft picks.
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    Autopsy Roast : Bevo’s stubborn match day selections and the loss to St.Kilda

    Won’t be watching that one again. I hope we're better for the run and that those who didn't get to play see it as an opportunity to get selected for Friday! I think three things let us down in the game. 1) Our game plan requires a high degree of skill that we couldn’t execute due to lack of...
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Sadly, pretty comprehensively done over today. Some positives from the third quarter and parts of the fourth that I hope we can take into next week. Go dogs!
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Much better quarter! Keep going!
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Not a great start- hopefully we can adjust. We'll also have the wind this quarter.
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    Women's Footy AFLW General Discussion

    Bugger about the injuries. Still, looking forward to the game on Sunday and seeing what the girls can do! Footy is back!!
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    Welcome to the Bulldogs Riley Garcia

    Well done getting drafted. Welcome to the Kennel!
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    Toast Welcome to the Kennel, Louis Butler!

    Sounds like a potential successor to Suckling when he hangs up the boots. Wish him all the best! Well done getting drafted mate.
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    List Mgmt. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Could be a replacement for Suckling when he retires?
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    Women's Footy AFLW Draft- Tuesday 11am Fox Footy

    I think we have a bunch of positions to fill but I think we need a big midfielder or two first. Losing Conti on the wing hurt, so another winger then maybe a tall utility to replace Ernst. Up forward I think we have quite a lot of talent. Look forward to seeing who we get!
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    Game Day Match of the year - GWS vs Plastic Discombobulation Unit

    Driving up from Canberra to watch the game today. Giants likely to come out breathing fire after an embarassing result last week, but I reckon we are more than capable. Carn dogs!
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    Strategy Naughton should be our number 1 key forward

    Big fan of Naughton forward but want to see how he goes once teams have had more opportunity to focus on negating his influence in the forward line. Either end, he's definitely proving to be a keeper!