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  • Simon, your football knowledge and analysis is exceptional - I am no football oracle but you post some incredibly insiteful posts about things I do not see and I reckon I have some idea.

    What is your footy background mate?

    (Can't reply till tomorrow - GP just starting)
    Silly boy simon. You should know that advertising isn't allowed on bigfooty of any kind unless you get permission from the admins
    I think I saw you as well on tv! Carn the hawks. I have added you as a friend mate. I love reading your threads and all of your posts are top notch
    Ha! Just saw you on TV mate! Watching Hawks v Lions (Crawf's 300th) with 4m20s remaining in 2nd qtr just after the ads after Cyril's goal! :cool:
    Simon, I would have thought that you are a large part of the great Hawthorn machine.
    Oi, you gonna start a pre-games drink thread this week? I won't be there so it'd be inappropriate for me to.
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