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    Player Watch Brayden Sier

    Don't need to know who but Sauce or Source?
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    Troy Selwood Quits For Health Reasons

    Classy stuff from a few regulars in here - to be expected. With everything being said thus far, he has done himself no ill will stepping away from the club especially in the current day and age of Soft Caps. The Selwood name, coupled with resigning from a role due to health issues 'so the club...
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    Toast Round 20 = Collingwood 90-45 West Coast

    I was wrong. Ollie and Fin are gonna be alright, more than alright Bianco is tired, but will be a star. Ruscoe could end up being one of our most important down back in the years to come. Poulter and McCreery willslot straight in next year. trading that first round pick to get all of...
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    Player Watch Brayden Maynard

    No - i think you'll find there is a lot of conjecture for what they're paying Martin, Saad and Williams who are all flankers. Saad in particular vs what could have been gained for free in Hind. Williams vs his output and professionalism Martin vs his output All of these have been discussed...
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    Strategy Operation Sign Alastair Clarkson 2022

    Depends on the context. Win now, with the largely ready built list but do so at your own peril - Carlton. Be able to build and craft your own list without the instant expectation - Collingwood. The risk/reward scenario for Clarko at Carlton is massive, id he can take the team to win a final...
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    Player Watch Brayden Maynard

    I'm sick of people calling Maynard a 'heart and soul' player. If the rumours are true and he has sounded out or at least had discussions with Melbourne (or any other club for that matter), his heart and soul aint at Collingwood. Don't think there is any hesitation on re-signing him from the...
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    VFL 2021 VFL R16 v Box Hill (Sat 31-Jul 12.05pm @ Olympic Park) [Kayo freebies]

    Lets hope not TD, or else VFL football may be banned - a la boxing sessions!
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    List Mgmt. Trade and F/A - Part 3

    And Essendon were lucky that Carlton had that pick available. If that wasn't available, it was just as likely he would have walked in the PSD, like Jack Martin before him... You can't get blood out of a stone.
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    List Mgmt. Trade and F/A - Part 3

    Not if he can't commit and doesn't want to be here... Would would be worse is if at the end of 2022, he leaves as a free agent and we get compensation at best - equal to a first rounder. Should we be in a position to recruit a key Free Agent (which we should by this stage) this will nullify the...
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    Rumour Clarko gone !

    Ehhh... if Mitchell was willing to bide his time for another 12 months, this administrative issue would not have come to a head. If it was the administration pushing Clarko out to make way for Mitchell - an ultimate professional would speak out and make it clear the two can work in unison. If...
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    List Mgmt. Trade and F/A - Part 3

    I'm far from Maynards biggest fan - but given the state of our list, I would have no problems trading him at seasons end if he cannot commit to our future plans. We would likely get a first rounder in return, something that really will solve a lot of list issues going into the draft. I think...
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    Rumour Clarko gone !

    Or Mitchell is a cry baby who cant wait his turn?
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    List Mgmt. Trade and F/A - Part 3

    If there has ever been an indication that Sidebottom wont be leaving the club, its the fact he's captaining the side this week. I would expect Elliott to be on the trade table in all honesty, there has been talk of him leaving for the past few years. No idea if Buckley was the reason that he...
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    Preview Changes & Pre-match Discussion - Round 20 vs. WCE, MCG Sat 31/07 @ 4:15pm

    Yep. No issues - wasn’t directed at you, just in general. Used your post as it it likely true that their papers have been stamped.