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    Traded Dougal Howard [traded to St Kilda with Ryder in complex deal]

    Dougal was lapped at the Saints time trial. Lol port
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    Opinion Nick Reiwoldt - The Flawed Champion

    Imagine his accuracy if he wasn't busting his gut up and down the ground the likes we mightn't see again for a forward.
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    Classic Tom Browne Moments

    Keeps inserting himself into the story. See Jobe Watson and Craig Williams. As if he's personal friends with them rather than him chasing them down for a comment LOL. Surely you can't post about it on twitter and expect positive feedback. He's not well Tommy.
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    Nostradamus Lives Stephen SOS Silvagni sacked from Carlton. Tom Browne upgraded to CCC- Junk Bond rating

    Club bought in Papley and Ellis for a tour without SOS being consulted.
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    Radio 1116 SEN 2021 Line-up

    Tuned into sen and muted the TV for the cup call and it was Matt Hill
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    Discussion Why Tasmania won't get an AFL team?

    What about Tasmanian's who live on the mainland. Anyone got numbers on that.
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    Opinion What unpopular AFL opinions do you have? - Part 2

    I get what you're saying and I agree.
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    Delisted Michael Hartley [drafted to Hawthorn in the preseason draft]

    North should go after Hartley. Best 22 easy
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    Marngrook Footy Show Axed

    Appears like so many people watched it but in reality how many did. I'm a slice of avocado on toast away from being 'outraged' and I've never watched a full episode.
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    2020 AFL fixture released

    Lol no.
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    AFLW AFLW Season 2020- Discussion

    Double headers means inflated crowd numbers for the women's. Not that they'll acknowledge that publicly except to say 'record crowds' They won't be wrong
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    News Our new Football Ops Manager - welcome Adam Kelly!

    Wayne Campbell's confidence in his ability and his decisiveness made Dave Matthews feel insecure. So Matthews wanted him gone. I recon Campbell would be perfect at Adelaide, knows what he's doing. Builds strong relationships. As long as the likes of Roo and Fagan can leave their ego at the door...
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    Why hasnt there been more pressure on st kilda over the years?

    The bar is set very low for the Saints. Nobody expects much from a club like them, probably shouldn't be in the league really.
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    Recent delistings - where are they now?

    Just read all 16 pages, great thread :thumbsu:
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    2020 AFL fixture released

    Richmond 10 of their first 13 at the G