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  • Gunna be at the Jollimont station BBQ area from 10.30 onward Sat with a few BF boys , come say hi mate .Cheers Dasher
    Hey K-man, no probs about missing you before the saints game. There'll be other times. Glad you had a good meeting with JK. Oh yeah, 'the name'... I have some idea.
    Great match to come down for:thumbsu:
    We'll find out later in the week where everyone is meeting up before the big game:)
    Hey man, a mate posted on the WA Hawks facebook page that they're showing the game live tomorrow, at the oxford hotel which I think is in Leederville
    Its all good mate, Id rather have no friends on a footy forum, than have won jack s**t since your boys won the flag in 08, Must suck knowing your team is mediocre & going nowhere ????
    The Kipster
    The Kipster
    Yeah, s**t our b2b is crap. Hows life then, in your world?
    Only 4 years you waited to reply ?, Bravo Bravo.
    The Kipster
    The Kipster
    Better late than never. mediocre and going nowhere??? bwahahahha
    Yeah thats right. Hopefully the occasion helps our clubs fire up and find some form. And in our case a bloody heart!
    G'day Kipster, hope your well mate. Yes its a big match on sat nite. Hope both our clubs do us proud at least. Don't have a good feeling at all about this match. Goodluck with your Hawkers and take care mate.
    Hay Kip...Hows things....ok i hope...hay i was just reflecting on a post you left me where you thought losing willo ,Kennedy and Mcglynn long term could hurt us.......have you changed your opion now with the already obvious improvment of Shiels, Rioli and Peterson.....for mine..willo=Peterson....with in reason
    Shiels for Mcglynn and Rioli for Kennedy.......RECON WE WILL BE OK KIP.....
    Oh, im deeply sorry im not a complete no life like yourself who bases credible posts on post counts because it gives you a thrill of being superior.

    Way to go man, you're awesome!!

    PS. Obsession
    Have a great Xmas.
    Look forward to meeting you at a game one of these days.
    Take care.
    No worries, mate. Hate seeing that big question mark where a pic should be. Just seemed to suit you!
    Hey Kipster, been thinking for a while that you need an avatar. Then I stumbled across this one: hard core pawn. Think it's you mate.

    Yeah, you missed a big week K. Certainly a lot happening behind the scenes. I've got all the behind the scenes happenings, but haven't posted them yet. You heard anything lately?
    Thanks mate. Yeah, I'm just a bit concerned, I probably don't know as much as the next person in the end. I guess our boy Muston will be able to fill in his position to some extent, but Youngy will be sorely missed. Hope he gets better soon..
    Mate what happened ya bloody hot head not a good time to get carded mate in trade week see ya soon Bro & i bloody miss ya Kip cue sad music....:D

    Got a great Tip on the nags mate I'll hand pass it on before Saturday now to find the wife's Visa hahaha i get away with murder mate!:p
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