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  1. who gives a

    Oppo Camp Non Eagles AFL discussion thread II

    Mod notice: this thread is a continuation of part 1 F##k I am stoked Shitmond got shown up for the overrated club they are. All year the smugness from their fans was grating on my nerves...
  2. who gives a

    Michael Talia arrested for drug possession

    Mod Edit:
  3. who gives a

    Well done

    Well done to the Vic park raiders in winning 2 grand finals on Sunday. The year 10s and 12s congratulations
  4. who gives a

    Things Tougher Than the Scott Sisters

    Both these " well men " were tough in their playing days hard as nails, dished out hard medicine and took no prisoners. Now that these two sisters have grown vaginas as coaches they have become soft little pussies that bitch and moan and throw tantrums like the little sissies they have become...
  5. who gives a

    Names we love to call other teams

    Words that marry up with bum, whores, rape etc that reflect certain teams and the respect we have for them!! Please feel free to post your version, i have added the ones that i use or have seen used here, please take this in the spirit that i intend it to take :thumbsu: Fremantle=...
  6. who gives a

    Let's all laugh at the essenscum bummers

    Great win melb as for essenscum please post your excuses here
  7. who gives a

    Brad Snott is he for real!!!!!

    They've worked us out: Scott Scott said opposition teams had closely analysed North's impressive round two and three wins over Greater Western Sydney and the Cats, which were built on fast ball movement, in particularly through handball...
  8. who gives a

    Crying little bitches

    yes folkes who are the biggest crying little bitches of the afl!! yes thats right Alice Clarkson and Brad Snott win this shared award:thumbsu: didnt hear the bullies, melb, gws,richmond moan after they lost to the mighty eagles. these clubs took their medicine on the chin:thumbsu: then we...
  9. who gives a

    Norf are they soft

    not that long ago Norf were a feared hard nut tacking football team.not blessed with a lot of talent or speed but just gave 100% and played for the coach. however since they got the shit brother as coach this once proud football club has become soft, slow and little bitches of the AFL. Get rid...
  10. who gives a

    Le Cras Loves this, thought i would share:thumbsu: hope no one has posted prior
  11. who gives a

    Which shit teams have lost to last years wooden spooners (2) twice this year

    To lose to last years wooden spooners this year must be bad enough but which Shit Teams have lost to them twice this year. One springs to mind straight away Port but they are rebuilding so i can excuse them. There is one other but this name escapes me, im sure their shit supporters can help me...
  12. who gives a

    R Palmer Gawwwwwn to GWS

    I have first hand knowledge that the reason Palmer is not getting a regular game at Fremantle is that he has signed to go to GWS. Harvs is pissed off so he is taking his anger out on Palmer. How do i know , a very good mate of mine who happens to be a mad Dockers fan was spilling his guts to me...
  13. who gives a

    R Palmer

    Hearing wispers that Ryce Palmer is seeking to be traded:eek: Just heard on 6PR
  14. who gives a

    National v Greens Sunrise

    Really looked forward to seeing this the other morning. All i ever heard was just how intelligent Christine Milne was and just how stupid Barnaby is. Christine Milne not only got flogged by Barnaby but she does not even know her own Green policies! Anyone voting for the greens needs to look at...
  15. who gives a

    Heath black in the shit again

    just on 6pr that Heath Black was arrested again last night, this bloke is a classic:D
  16. who gives a

    Junior Coaches and Parents

    Not sure if this is the correct Forum but i am the manager of a junior footyclub in Perth and i have seen a few ugly parents and coaches in my time but over the past two weeks i have seen the worst. On sunday my 14yr old played a match against a team from the northern suburbs and this team...
  17. who gives a

    Ben to play with Perth Demons on 6PR

    Just on 6pr with Karl Langdon
  18. who gives a


    Rocked up to under 11s training yesterday ( i am the manager ) and i could see little Darcy with Hawks jumper on ( he always wears Freo over the past 3 seasons ) so i said to Darcy hey mate whats with the Hawks jumper dont tell me you have jumped ship! Little Darcy with a straight face says "...

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