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  1. Cactus_

    Media SFA Urban Legends

    I got a chain e-mail the other day entitled: "The SFA 5,000 Post Rule". According to this e-mail certain BigFooty SFA posters have their accounts completely and permanently frozen after exactly 5,000 posts. Apparently no one knows why this happens but over the past 26 and a bit seasons it has...
  2. Cactus_

    Media It’s a Knockout

    I’ve been knocking around on the SFA threads for a couple of seasons now and you know what I’ve noticed? There are a lot of posters that have high opinions of themselves, but frankly, lack any real get-up-and-go. I reckon I could take any of you, at a canter. I reckon I could whip the best of...
  3. Cactus_

    Position 2019 Defenders

    I hope no one objects to me starting this thread. I’ve read the “read this before posting” thread and I think this is the right format ... What are people’s thoughts on Andy McGrath as a $380K D/M this year? I don’t watch many Bombers games so I haven’t seen all that much of him ... what chance...
  4. Cactus_

    Current Trial George Pell - Suppression Order Post Conviction *LIFTED

    Please be careful what you post in this thread as there is a current suppression order on this case from the County Court in Victoria. The Age is saying they are unable to report on a conviction that occurred on Tuesday this week in a high profile case in Victoria...
  5. Cactus_

    Competitions Richmond Board SuperCoach League Results

    This week was SuperCoach Grand Final week and my team The Beardy Manbuns played off against the Best Supportering Player AU team (sorry mate I don’t know your user name to tag you). I was pretty happy with my team with one of my PODs Lachie Neale chiming in for a 140, Coniglio a 150, Wingard...
  6. Cactus_

    Your Favourite Headline of the Year (so far)

    “Don Done for Staging” Match review officer Michael Christian told reporters on Monday he wanted to rid the AFL of staging. "It's something that I'm looking for that I don't think is a great part of the game and want to try to stamp it out," Christian said. About ******* time. Someone should...
  7. Cactus_

    Strange Bedfellows

    I’ve been a Tiges fan since about Grade 3 so that’s ... well it is closer to 40 years than 30. Now after the Tiges the teams I didn’t mind were: The Roos - I grew up near Arden St and I can remember going the to see the Krakour brothers play. The Cat - my mum’s team. The Dogs - my godfather’s...
  8. Cactus_


    Friday 8th September 2017 Richmond defeated Geelong at the MCG to win their first final in ... bloody ages. On the Richmond board music thread we were seeing if we could come up with a list of songs that were associated with Richmond, Tigers, Yellow & Black etc. and I came across this weird...
  9. Cactus_

    Let's help Richo and Gen pick a name!

    If it's a boy: Jack If it's a girl: N/A #closethread

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