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  1. Curly5

    Rumour Goddard

    There's talk of the Saints trading Brendan Goddard. Would we be in the market?
  2. Curly5

    News Young Dog on Song

    Interesting article about Liam Jones: I wish we would make Barry Hall our forward coach next year. :)
  3. Curly5

    61 Grand Final Reunion

    Who knew about this? Charlie Evans was my favourite player when I was a kid. :)
  4. Curly5

    Picken, Winner

    Lovely article about Liam, very moving. What a great person he is.
  5. Curly5

    The Way of the Cross

    "THIS weekend marks a turning point for all AFL players, and Daniel Cross is no different." Read on:
  6. Curly5

    People Power .... well, sort of

    I, no doubt along with thousands of other footy fans, have contacted AFL broadcasting protesting about Fox and 10/7 telecasting the same game at the same time, at the expense of giving us the option of watching an alternative game. eg tonight Fox 501 and Channel 10 are both telecasting Bris v...
  7. Curly5

    Congratulations Boydie!!!

    Winner of the inaugural Sutton-Rose Medal. Well done, Matthew!!!!!
  8. Curly5

    Face off

    Are we going to have it this year?
  9. Curly5


    No doubt this is old news but I happened to catch 'Temptation' on Ch9 last night, the last night of the current game featuring celebrities, Karl Stefanovic, Giaan Rooney, Fatty Vautin and Trevor Marmalade. Each contestant was playing for a charity and Trevor Marmalade's was The EJ Whitten...
  10. Curly5

    Holland gets 5 (Now Officially 6)

    Collingwood utility Brodie Holland will be suspended for five matches if he accepts an early guilty plea for his heavy clash with Bulldogs veteran Brett Montgomery in the opening seconds of yesterday's AFL elimination final at the MCG. Holland has been charged with a level five offence for...
  11. Curly5

    Matthew Boyd 50 games

    On League Teams on Fox last night, Luke Darcy mentioned that this game will be Matthew's 50th. Hope you have a MASSIVE game, Boydie! Well Done! Luke also mentioned that Dry Rot's friend, Mrs Boyd, has been to every game Matthew has played. ;)
  12. Curly5

    Hille gets one week

    What about Hargrave? From what I saw on the video it looked like McDonald charged him and got what he deserved. Hargrave was fending him off. :mad:
  13. Curly5


    The actual 2000 Brownlow Medal winner finds himself delisted and unable to get a club to sign him up. Meanwhile the rightful recipient of the 2000 Brownlow Medal has just won his 7th Best and Fairest. I know I should move on, but I'm still cranky about it. :mad:
  14. Curly5

    Bubba on On the Couch - now

  15. Curly5


    This is a good read: (sorry if it's already been posted)
  16. Curly5

    Interesting...,8033,10568518%255E20322,00.html Tigers may take a punt on Rohde TERRY Wallace has sounded out sacked Western Bulldogs coach Peter Rohde about a back-up role at Richmond next season. The new Tigers coach met Rohde yesterday to...
  17. Curly5

    Good news from the Great Man,8033,10149767%255E19742,00.html
  18. Curly5

    The forgotten man

    Although no one has mentioned it ( I don't think :o ), I reckon Boydie played a very solid game. He tackled and chased well and got several positive mentions from the commentators.
  19. Curly5


    Can anyone think of any? :confused:
  20. Curly5

    My old friend

    I didn't see this last week - does anyone know who writes it?

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