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    Players that your club turned down or gave away

    Effectively turned down Josh Kelly for Dom Tyson and pick 9 (Salem).
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    Has Kane Cornes lost his mind?

    His mentor is Hutchy...what do u expect.
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    16 minute quarters - the media push

    Should just ditch the interchange cap if players are worried about wear and tear. It was brought in to fatigue players but its only caused more injuries and done nothing to increase scoring.
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    Mega Thread Coronavirus & the AFL - season postponed. (Thread part 1 - cont in part 2, link in thread)

    Scoring was way up tonight compared to last year..fresher players=higher scoring it seems. Rules committee could have egg on their face if this trend continues with regards to the interchange cap.
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    Autopsy Richmond v Carlton, AFL Rd 1 2020 - Thursday 19 March 2020 - 7:25 PM (AEST) - Teams announced

    Swear i read somewhere that Ling had been dumped for friday night's. More deflated about his presence than the lack of crowd noise tbh...where's Carey at?
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    Strategy 2020 Planning thread - a.k.a pre-season misplaced confidence and collective insanity

    Petracca should be a lock. Forget the 2nd marsh game, he still attended the highest cba's for the backs were chipping the ball around a lot that game which didn't suit the mids like petracca , oliver.
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    2019/20 NBA Season

    Clint Capela over 16.5 SB Rebounds. Has had 19+ in eight straight games playing the Raptors who give up second most.
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    Live Chat Draft Day! - Live Chat Thread 2019

    Players slide for a reason...cos they're shit
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    Your best 22 2020

    FB: Jetta - May - Tomlinson HB: Hore - Lever - Salem C: E.Langdon - Oliver - Brayshaw HF: Melksham - T.Mcdonald - Petracca FF: Fritsch - Petty - Hannan Ruck: Gawn - Viney - Harmes Int: Hibberd - J.Martin - Jones - Serong
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    AFL 2019 Brownlow Medal (after the result bets will get a ban)

    Thought Prestia and Worpel were going to pull off miracles at the end there...:'(
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    AFL 2019 Brownlow Medal (after the result bets will get a ban)

    Wouldn't panic with Walters. Mundy dropped off badly from here on and Walters has some potential 3 vote games.
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    Game Day Collingwood v GWS Giants - Preliminary Finals — Sat 21 Sep, 4:35PM AEST, MCG

    Not Ling ffs..he was on last night as well:mad:
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    Game Day Richmond v Geelong, Preliminary Finals — Fri 20 Sep, 7:50PM AEST, MCG

    He paid the free kick but didnt signal whose it was...then give 50 against Cotchin who had no idea. Absolute amatuer.
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    Hawkins off the ball hit, weeks or finals discount?

    It wasn't an intentional hit, not to the head anyway. Schofield lost his feet at the wrong time...will get a fine.
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 21

    One of Omac, Frost, or May himself will go forward you would think to replace Preuss. But Goodwin has been switching players around a lot lately so who knows Hunt might be forward again. Wines late in for Port, Robbie Gray will be forward all game in the wet. U 91.5 SB @ 1.80
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 21

    Jayden Hunt played back last week for those getting on him for goals. Whitfield O 27.5 Disposals (covered all bar 1 minus tags/injury) Treloar > Grundy Fantasy (Gawn factor) @ 3.42 Neds
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 19

    Duncan U 109 Fantasy Swallow U 91 Fantasy @3.51 SB. Both should be tagged by the two Clarke's. Also like Riscitelli 2g @15 B365. Been playing forward since his return. Miller, Fiorini, Parish 20+ @4.33 SB
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    AFL AFL 2019 - Round 18 Topsport betting odds and discussion.

    Played forward the whole game. Miles out this week so he might go back in but not convinced. Jacob Dawson a young inside mid they've brought in.
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    Opinion Is the game dead?

    Why do people keep saying that reducing interchanges will open up the game...its not the 70's anymore, it will do the opposite. The skill level will be even worse than it is now if you fatigue the players, we should be trying to keep them as fresh as possible. Injuries will greatly reduce as well.
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 15

    Bailey Williams 2g @13 B365. Played forward last week for 2 points..showed he can score goals last year when forward. Hopefully his odds drop for a juicy cash out :yum:

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