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  1. KangaRooster

    Player Watch #11: Luke "Two Dogs" McDonald - signed until end 2021

    Papley is a horrendous matchup for Luke - too fast, too skilled, too crafty. I’m convinced he can lock someone down for us each week, but it has to be a realistic task he’s given. Thankfully there aren’t many of Papley’s ilk going around at the moment and the ones that are should be earmarked...
  2. KangaRooster

    Coach Congratulations to New NMFC Senior Coach - Rhyce Shaw - 3 Year Deal

    Must keep in mind this is the bloke’s first head coaching gig! Shaw himself has got as much room to improve in his role as the young players we’re all so rightfully excited about. With cautious optimism, the signs were there last season. But its the way we’ve returned from such an...
  3. KangaRooster

    Autopsy vs GWS

    Don’t forget we’ve got EVW to come back in as well Just need to nab a gun key defender this year that fits the talent and age bracket of our youngsters We’re shaping up to be a hard team not to like and an even harder team to beat
  4. KangaRooster

    Autopsy vs GWS

    Goldstein absolutely colossal Jy is a star and still miles away from his peak Give Zurhaar the #18 McDonald totally nullified Greene, great effort Walker is a fantastic addition Polec just about best on ground Pittard solid as a rock defensively and creative going the other way Curtis...
  5. KangaRooster

    Game Day Rd 2 Nmfc v Gws 1.05pm Sunday June 14th

  6. KangaRooster

    Game Day Rd 2 Nmfc v Gws 1.05pm Sunday June 14th

  7. KangaRooster

    Team of the 2010s

    Knew it was coming, still gave me a good chuckle
  8. KangaRooster

    Player Watch #33: Ed Vickers-Willis - dislocated toe at training (27 May)

    What a disaster for the guy, had such high hopes for him, as said before he should’ve been a 200 gamer and a leadership group guy as well, maybe even a VC type. Wish him all the best for the future
  9. KangaRooster

    Training At training - club back training as of 18 May

    Hope Hall has a massive pre-season, any word on him yet?
  10. KangaRooster

    Review 2019 AFL National Draft

    27th of November iirc
  11. KangaRooster

    Player Watch #16: Aiden Bonar

    Bones is a pretty righteous nickname.. Anyway, sure he’s relieved now we’ve been able to make him come
  12. KangaRooster

    List Mgmt. 2019 Trade & Free Agency Thread V2

    Excellent deal
  13. KangaRooster

    Opinion Commentary & Media III

    Two of my favourite athletes of all time, love this
  14. KangaRooster

    Review 2019 AFL National Draft

    Definitely like the look of Ash
  15. KangaRooster

    Player Watch #4: Shaun Higgins - extends North contract until end 2021

    Excellent, glad to see him reach 100 with North. More than that, he’s all class and a real leader and the perfect role model for our youngsters, if his body and form hold true I wouldn’t be surprised to see another short extension in late 2020 early ‘21.
  16. KangaRooster

    Coach Patch is back

    Back where you belong Patch, welcome home

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