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    Footy in 2020

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    Why do people hate Bruce?

    Didn't even search it, just scrolling through some of the early posts of bigfooty's infancy and stumbled across it lol Edit: FWIW i'm grateful for Bruce as he was a big part of my childhood watching footy, but it's just interesting that people had the same thoughts back almost 20 years ago as now.
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    Why do people hate Bruce?

    Some things just never change....
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    Top 5 - Most Hated Teams in the AFL Era (poll included)

    Should include all teams in the poll if your being serious
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    Review Best games, by individual richmond players - modern era

    Cotchin v GWS 2017 PF- Made so many big momentum shifting plays (17 of his 26 Poss. Contested, 9 Tackles, 7 Clearances) Cotchin v Geelong 2017 QF- Set the tone with his attack on the ball and man (6 tackles in the first 1/4), and capped the night off with one of the great finals goals Riewoldt...
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    Player Watch #15: Jayden Short

    Always been quality with ball in hand, who is now also solid defending a man one on one. Great season Shorty!!!
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    Best Individual season you've seen from a player

    Agree on both points, especially the joke that is the All-Australian selection process
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    Best Individual season you've seen from a player

    Sorry meant individual player, should've worded better i'll change it now
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    Best Individual season you've seen from a player

    pretty much the thread title, doesn't have to be stats based (though it helps) just pure watchability
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    Best Defender

    Ryan is great though don't think he's a traditional fullback in the simple sense, no doubt he's a star
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    Players who need to have big seasons in 2021

    De Goey and Heeney would be the 2 for me, both need to show their elite talent more consistency rather than once in a while
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    Best Defender

    knew i forgot someone, is a star in the making for sure
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    Best Defender

    I know, but if you had to choose one who would you pick?
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    Best Defender

    Who is the best backmen in the competition right now
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    Which Player......

    Always seems to turn it on against your team someone who your team always has trouble containing constantly giving your team the business every time
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    Was 2011 the best season ever?

    Also a year with arguably the worst bottom 6 teams in history which inflated the standing of the top 4-5
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    How many weeks for cotchin's dangerous tackle?

    Most clearances and Contested Possessions for the game too
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    Moved Thread As a spearhead, Jack Riewoldt is comparable to Simon Minton-Connell in the 90s

    Everyone's having their little potshots at the tigers this year, first the media, than the thread comparing them with the Cats of 07, now this thread lmaooo just hope you feel better OP.
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    Opinion If Richmond win it this year....

    LOL! your 'great' team never even went back to back, chill with the hyperbole